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Swain Campus Lower School

A day in the life of our Swain Campus Lower School is abuzz with activity and rich experiences. Visitors might come upon second-graders mastering their graphing skills while running a mock donut shop or first-grader scientists exploring the chemical reaction between an acid and a base! You might see fourth graders deeply immersed in the study of immigration or third graders joyfully recreating Lenape games. You might join the full school community as we connect in Morning Meeting or celebrate campus history on Founder’s Day.
This spirit of discovery carries us beyond campus, too, with multiple field trips throughout the year for each grade level. Students in first through fifth grade have monthly opportunities to get off campus and explore the world beyond the classroom walls. They travel to wildlife restoration sites, visit museums and farms, experience Ellis Island from the viewpoint on an immigrant, hike Pennsylvania trails, and so much more! 
These opportunities allow Swain students to rise to new challenges, build independence, and investigate the natural world more deeply. 
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