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MORE TO EXPLORE: Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Adopted by the Board of Trustees September 9, 2023

A year in the making, the strategic plan was developed to provide a long-range view of future school priorities created through a highly inclusive and participatory process. We are grateful to the sixteen volunteers who served on the Strategic Planning Executive Committee and volunteered their time and talents to engage with internal and external research including trends in the independent school and the education sector.
Armed with a situation analysis and a stronger understanding of the needs of the school, six areas of strategic focus were established by the executive committee. From there, over 100 community members including trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, students and parents participated on design teams to propose initiatives for consideration rooted in the research.
Our process culminated in September of 2023, with the steering committee reviewing proposals from the design teams, synthesizing them down to a smaller set of priorities for the future. As strategic priorities were developed, key school leadership expanded upon them to outline specific initiatives, action plans, and a series of sequenced priorities. Finally, the Board of Trustees engaged with the plan and ratified it on September 9, 2023. The final strategic plan has been organized into three key areas of focus:
  • Enhance Our Foundation
  • Expand Our Impact
  • Elevate Our Sustainability

Within each of these focus areas, we have prioritized initiatives that we believe will be instrumental to fulfilling our mission and vision for Moravian Academy in the years ahead. The initiatives center around our people, our programs and the place where it all happens–our campuses. Much of the focus for realizing these initiatives will be over the next five years; however, many will extend well beyond then. Bringing this ambitious plan to fruition will require the support of our entire community. We invite you to engage with us in achieving this vision by offering your expertise, your connections and your philanthropic support.
We are excited about the future of Moravian Academy and the impact that these initiatives will have on our young people. Thank you for believing in our students and their bright futures.

Strategic Priorities

List of 3 items.

  • Enhance our FOUNDATION

    • Recruit, support, and retain exceptional people.
    • Foster an environment that prioritizes inclusivity, belonging and collective wellbeing throughout our community.
    • Establish key indicators of academic outcomes and consistency across campuses aiming to provide the best foundational framework for developing future leaders.
    • Enhance the quality and effectiveness of project-based and experiential learning across our campuses to improve learning outcomes and prepare students for the future.
  • Expand our IMPACT

    • Ensure financial sustainability through plans to diversify revenue, increase enrollment and manage tuition.
    • Ensure excellent facilities that enable and inspire our programs to thrive.
  • Elevate our SUSTAINABILITY

    • Design and establish a Center for Civic Leadership and Innovation with signature programs in 1) leadership training and development, 2) civil discourse, 3) exponential technologies, and 4) environmental and climate change studies.
    • Design and implement learning support for gifted and non-traditional learners.
    • Establish strategic partnerships beyond our classrooms to enhance our learning environment and better connect our school with mission-congruent organizations.
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