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Upper School on the Merle-Smith Campus

Moravian Academy’s historic and beautiful Merle-Smith Campus creates a distinctively college-like environment, where you work closely with expert faculty members to focus on personal interests and individual passions. Across disciplines, our approach to teaching and learning empowers students to ask their own questions, build on their unique strengths, and pursue their original ideas—and, as they share their discoveries with their classmates, teachers, and communities, we all find new perspectives and renewed inspiration. 
Through a wide range of AP and honors courses, hands-on collaborative projects, meaningful service learning, and sophisticated independent research experiences, you hone the skills, confidence, and clarity to choose and pursue your next steps. 
Our path to college preparation harnesses the teachable moments of both success and failure, so you graduate with the earned confidence to shape your own future.

Empowering, Immersive Learning

The Merle-Smith Campus offers challenging, exciting academics in an atmosphere where students work together to explore and address some of the world’s most complex issues. Students grow increasingly independent and self-aware, honing the skills, grit, and self-motivation to keep reaching for more. Beginning in 9th grade, our students pursue in-depth research into their own interests through our FIRE programming. Later, the Comenius Project empowers them to design an independent honors project and bring it to fruition alongside faculty members. Then, they present—and celebrate—their results at a gathering of the whole school community. Projects span the arts and science, from economics to ethics to ecology.
“This is a college-prep program, but it’s not cookie-cutter. Each student can adjust their schedule to include their own interests and goals. If you want to be a STEM major, you can take the classes to pursue that. If you want to be a music major, then you can pursue those goals. It’s more like college in that way.”
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