Athletic Training

Moravian Academy has partnered with St. Luke’s Hospital to provide two professional, certified athletic trainers who are available during contests and practices to attend to the physical condition of athletes. The athletic trainers are responsible for all preventative measures such as taping or wrapping athletes. When an injury occurs, the athletic trainers make a diagnosis on the field and determines whether an athlete can continue play or should be seeking further evaluation for the injury. In the event that further treatment is recommended, the trainer will inform the coach and call the parents of the athlete.

When an athlete is injured, the trainers will provide a rehabilitation program and determine when the athlete may return to practice or game play.

Concussion Protocol

In the event of a head injury with any signs/symptoms of a concussion, the following guidelines will be followed: 

At the time of the injury: 
● Removal from the game—he/she may not return to play. 
● A medical evaluation to check for the possibility of more serious intracranial pathology 
● (Neuropsychological testing is considered the proper post-injury assessment). 
● No activity--rest until asymptomatic 
● A post-concussion ImPACT test 
If an athlete passes the ImPACT test, they must submit to the following order of participation before returning to  play: 
● Light aerobic exercise 
● Sport-specific training 
● Non-contact drills 
● Full-contact drills 
● Game play 
These guidelines have been established to help reduce the risk of Second Impact Syndrome. 

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