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Building expertise, independence, curiosity, and character

From preschool through 12th grade, our academic program intentionally gives every student more to explore—in our classrooms, on our campuses, in the wider world, and in themselves. Our expert faculty members combine hands-on, student-driven experiences with evidence-based best practices that ensure subject-matter mastery. Your child grows up loving to learn—and doing so with exceptional skill, enthusiasm, and purpose.
To start your child’s educational journey, we offer two distinct preschool-through-8th-grade programs at two different locations:
  • The Swain Campus offers a secular, project-based curriculum, extensive outdoor experiences, and confidence-building performances on 20 breathtaking acres of green space.
  • The Historic Downtown Campus offers a challenging and transformative academic program with inclusive Moravian services and traditions, as well as engaging signature programs like Spanish Immersion and Suzuki Strings, in carefully tended buildings resounding with our nation’s past.
Both preschool-8 programs build expertise, independence, curiosity, and character, fully preparing your child for our Upper School. We’re here to help you choose the path that works best for your child and family.
When students reach Upper School on the Merle-Smith Campus, they’re immersed in a remarkably college-like environment. They attend classes in both modern and historic buildings on 120 acres of bucolic green space that resembles an arboretum punctuated by unique tree species. Working closely with faculty advisors, they hone advanced independent thinking and research skills and collaborate in hands-on, real-world projects. All along the way, our personalized college counseling program guides students to select, apply to, and enroll in the school that best fits their highest hopes and dreams. Our graduates thrive at the nation’s top institutions and go on to lead lives of great joy and purpose.
But don’t take our word for it—join us for a tour and witness the vibrant learning happening on our campuses every day!
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