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Preschool to Grade 12

We believe children learn best when they are in an environment in which they can explore, discover, and make connections in their world. At Moravian Academy, we create a just and equitable place for students to engage in learning—a place that creates strength from the diversity in the classroom and community and regards each student as an individual, able learner. Through our responsive teaching, we are able to present a personalized learning approach that addresses each student's specific strengths and needs and helps them develop essential skills to thrive in the world of the unknown.


In our rigorous academic program, students on the Merle-Smith Campus (Grades 9-12) are encouraged to unearth complex meaning and solve difficult problems. 

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Downtown Campus

Through our responsive teaching, our curriculum inspires curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance through project-based learning.

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Swain Campus

The academic program on the Swain School Campus is one honed by years of research, based on best teaching practices, and adapted each year to best serve each community of learners. 

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Who am I and who will I become?

A signature experience at Moravian and a transformative one for students, the Comenius Project pays tribute to the Moravian scholar who inspired the school’s founders in 1742. Upper Schoolers design an independent honors project and bring it to fruition under faculty mentorship. Come spring, the results are presented to—and celebrated with—the school community.
I am inspired by my students on a regular, if not daily, basis. In my class, we explore environmental and earth sciences. Student curiosity drives these explorations, with many classes taking unplanned twists and turns. I am amazed by the students, and this inspires me to design new learning opportunities for them.
- JoAnne Daniels, 7th Grade Science Teacher

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