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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging at MA

In keeping with Moravian Academy’s mission to actively learn from and support the different identities we embody, how we celebrate, nurture, and support all members of our community matters. Our vision to empower every student to thrive as a lifelong learner, critical thinker, and global citizen is only accomplished through a commitment to inclusion. Any community can be diverse by definition. What is most important is how we uphold and celebrate the community so that all members feel that they are valued and that they belong. This Mission and Vision is characterized by a belief in the value of all individuals and a commitment to multiple perspectives, deep listening, respectful dialogue, and belonging within the community.

We strive to accomplish this in different, age-appropriate ways, including creating and following curricula that support multiple learning styles and develop critical thinking and other 21st-century skills, including cultural competency. Our students will leave MA prepared to thrive in the global society.  

For students, there are student engagement clubs and activities where students have the freedom and support to discuss culture, race, gender, religion, etc., and learn from each other and their varying experiences. For parents/guardians, there is a Justice, Belonging & Love Committee that provides a safe space for community members to come together to openly discuss issues related to inclusion and belonging. For faculty and staff, we offer professional development opportunities as well as the support of the campus Diversity Coordinators. 

We are a welcoming community that finds strength in its community values and is working to create a truly inclusive community that is respectful and affirming of all its members.
Architects of Belonging:

It is my distinct honor and privilege to share that our theme for the 23/24 school year is #ArchitectsofBelonging.  We will focus on the neuroanatomy of why a sense of belonging is vital for human flourishing and bask in the artistry of designing and constructing an intentional community, where everyone is called to build a haven of belonging! 

In Connections Over Compliance: Rewiring Our Perception of Discipline one of our summer reading books for faculty and the leadership team, Dr. Lori L. Desautels writes: 
“When we begin to deeply understand that all experiences build brain architecture, we will uphold our ordinary experiences as sacred and tangible teaching moments that support and prioritize safety and connection throughout our children’s lives.” 

In looking to the coming fall, there is nothing more critical than building and strengthening the threads of belonging within our school communities. Each of us builds this community through every relationship and daily interaction with students, colleagues and families. What will you design? Will you be: engineers of equity, designers of inclusivity, advocates of justice, surveyors of plurality, experts of intersectionality, connoisseurs of nuance, champions of common ground—in short: architects of belonging? Together, we create this wonderful place and I cannot wait to see the masterpiece we construct this year. 

Cristina Usino
Director of Community, Inclusion & Belonging 
The Board of Trustees Statement on Diversity
The Board of Trustees of Moravian Academy believes that educational excellence depends upon understanding and valuing the unique way each member of the Moravian Academy community experiences our shared human journey. The Trustees commit to a leadership role in fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable educational environment. While encountering differences can be challenging, a holistic and exceptional education demands nothing less. Both personal growth and professional achievement must engage and understand different perspectives and identities.
To that end, we are committed to ensuring that all families and staff feel welcomed as community members. We support the efforts of the school to provide our students with the skills needed to process multiple perspectives with civility and respect.
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