2023 Honorary Alumni

Recognized for their dedication and contribution to society and Moravian Academy, they are honored for their devotion to our limitless learners and for creating an environment of love and understanding.
Diane Taylor

Diane Taylor began at Moravian Academy in 1984 and was a second-grade teacher in the lower school. For 34 years, Moravian Academy students have walked into Ms. Taylor’s classroom and walked out at the end of the year feeling taller. Ms. Taylor’s masterful ability to inspire, nurture, teach, laugh, and build community was second nature for her. Diane daily encouraged her students with the deft strokes of an artist’s brush, to realize their most brilliant and decent selves. She was a peacemaker and always volunteered her time after school to tutor. To this day, Diane reaches out to her former students when they graduate from the Merle-Smith Campus with notes of congratulations and encouragement for their bright futures. Ms. Taylor continues to be a shining light in students' lives.
Lois Kehoe

Lois Kehoe dedicated 39 amazing years to Moravian Academy. Former colleagues and students will say that “she was the gentle hand, guiding exploration and investigation; patiently and joyfully encouraging every child to be happy and comfortable with who they are.” Members of the Moravian Academy community have said that her career has been one of Moravian’s great treasures and that all are better because of her talented mind and patient spirit. Mrs. Kehoe’s innate ability to teach children about the world around them was a lot about allowing child-curiosity to steer the direction of the learning. “You gently guide exploration and investigation while patiently, joyfully and steadily encourage every child to be happy and comfortable with who they are - this was observed every day of your brilliant career.” 

Honorary Alumni

Ms. Marilyn A. Albarelli H’92
Mrs. Margaret Baldock H’89
Ms. Bonnie Brill H’94
Mr. Thomas R. Bross H’94
The Reverend Dorothy Burcaw H’92
Mr. William "Bill" Caldwell
Mr. Carlton P. Chandler H’13
Mrs. Carolyn Conard H’74
Mr. Wesley S. Davis H’96
Mrs. Helen Detthof
Mr. David J. Devey H’78
Mrs. Miriam Devey H’78
Mrs. Elinor Dinsmore H'18
Mrs. Barbara Esteve H’04Mrs. Gertrude B. Fox H'86
Mrs. Naomi Haupert de Neufville Boyer
Mrs. Helen Heller
Mrs. Thelma Holland H’89
Mrs. Natalie Fry Hunt
Mr. John W. Jacob H’92
Ms. Lois Kehoe
Mrs. Charliese L. King H'16
Mr. George N. King, Jr. H'16
Dr. Steven Krawiec H’13
Mrs. Ella Jane Kunkle H’92
Mr. Robert Margolis H'85Mrs. Virginia Martin
Mr. Robert M. McCann H’93
Mrs. Katherine Merle-Smith Thomas H’88
Mr. George Mowers H’91
Mr. Kenneth H. Oaks H’91
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Puleo H'14
Mr. Barnaby J. Roberts H’07
Mrs. Betsy Roberts H’07
Mrs. Margaret Sipple H’97
Dr. Peter W. Sipple H’97
Mr. Robert Spahn H’06
Mrs. Mimi Stanford H’06
Ms. Diane Taylor
Mrs. Judy Waldman
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson H’09
Mrs. Bonnie Wismer H'15