2019 Honorary Alumni

Joyce Gilmore
In 2012, Joyce retired after 43 years of teaching at Moravian Academy. Her long history began before the Academy was formed when she was hired by Miss Myrtle Meilicke and The Reverend Neiring, Headmaster of the Moravian Preparatory School. Most of her tenure was spent teaching prekindergarten, but she also taught first, second and third grades.
Reading, poetry, writing and all aspects of language arts have always been one of her special academic loves. It was through this passion that she first became associated with our school. When given a poetry assignment by Lehigh University Professor Nancy Larrick, Joyce came to Moravian Prep as a graduate student to teach poetry lessons to the prekindergarten class at Prep in the very room where she would finish her teaching career devoted to young children at Moravian Academy.
Her love of literature, poetry, and storytelling has always been a vehicle for her to reach young children. In 1989, she published The Erwinna Witches and Other Stories which was illustrated by Alice Wheaton Mumbauer, former art teacher on the Prep and Academy faculties. Joyce will be fondly remembered by her students for her vivid imagination, storytelling skills and her loving and gentle nature.
Her passions include skiing, cycling, and traveling, as well awriting and telling children's stories.  A protector and lover of animals, Joycecofounded One By One Inc., a cat rescue shelter based out of Kutztown, in 1994.

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