2022 Honorary Alumni

William "Bill" Caldwell
Through their dedication and contribution to society, Honorary Alumni embody the Moravian Academy virtues of mind, body, and spirit.  To receive this award, honorees must not have attended Moravian Academy. Honorary Alumni are selected by the Alumni Association Executive Board. 
Retired Moravian Academy teacher Bill Caldwell is the 2022 Honorary Alumni award recipient. Bill received his BA  from Vanderbilt University with a double major in   History (US and Modern European) and English (American Lit; English Renaissance Drama).  He received his MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching in History) from Vanderbilt University as well as a Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Seminary and attended the Graduate Institute, St. John's College, Santa Fe New Mexico for two semesters.
Bill’s career in independent schools started at the Hutchison School in Memphis, Tennessee.  He moved onto Moravian Academy in 1997 and worked here for 20 years as a teacher of US History, Creative Writing, and other history and government courses, Assistant to the Director of the Outdoor Education Club,  and as an Assistant to the College Counselor for 12 years.  During that time, he also served 20 years as chair of the history department.  Bill also taught summer programs at the Memphis University School, and one summer at Cardigan Mountain School in New Hampshire. Bill retired in 2017 and relocated to Maine.

Honorary Alumni

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