Welcome to Moravian!

This is an exciting time to be a part of Moravian Academy, as we celebrate 275 years of educating young minds. I invite you to explore our school online, where you will discover what has sustained us since 1742: a joyful community of learners who are united by a passion for enduring values and innovative teaching practices.
From across the Lehigh Valley and beyond, those who want education to be inspiring—and even life-changing—find their way to Moravian Academy. They are drawn by our legacy of Moravian traditions, which teach us to engage in the world, to invest ourselves in hard work and continual improvement, and to tend to mind, body, and spirit for the service of a greater good. We know that students learn best when they are challenged by ideas and when they are connected to a vibrant, inclusive community that values their contributions. This is behind our guiding principle that “all children reach their full potential in an atmosphere of love and understanding.” Students experience these ideals today when they tell untold stories in Chapel services or participate in community service—from monthly canned food drives to volunteering at area non-profit organizations.

Our students also know that they are preparing for a world full of contemporary challenges, and they are inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. Collaborating in classes designed to be small, and with the help of dedicated faculty members, our students learn to be creative and critical thinkers. Through innovative programs such as Spanish Immersion, global exchanges, and our robotics program, and with unique resources for sustainability, Moravian students are learning to understand the complex world of today so that they can lead and influence the world of tomorrow.

From the colonial foundations of our Lower and Middle Schools in Downtown Bethlehem to the green expanse of the Upper School campus in Bethlehem Township, our students maintain the timeless values and ambitious practices that have been the mark of a Moravian education for 275 years. I encourage you to visit and see for yourself the difference that being a part of Moravian Academy makes in the lives of young people.  


Jeffrey M. Zemsky
Head of School

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus