Welcome to Moravian Academy

We are a school in motion, and we're not just moving forward. We're expanding outward and upward, and it's all powered by the curiosity, and confidence, and compassion of our learners. With every unique idea and self-expression, we discover new ground. Our vision of the future is limitless, just like the potential of the learners we're nurturing and challenging to build it. 
As the premier provider of independent education in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, we experience the impact of our work every day. Peruse the halls of any of our three campuses -- Downtown, Swain School, or Merle-Smith -- and you'll see award-winning robots being assembled, hear poetry recited in near-fluent Spanish (or maybe French or Mandarin), and feel the warmth of a close-knit community immersed in love and understanding. If you're lucky, you might even catch a handbell rehearsal, a beekeeping session, or a class maintaining the organic garden. 
Students flourish here. We celebrate the unique potential of every individual, and we actively learn from and support the different identities we embody. Together, we explore the complexities of our world, committed to having courageous conversations and turning ideas into action. Students take pride in their academic and athletic successes, while expert educators help them harness the teachable moments of failures, too. 
All of this is to say that at Moravian Academy, our learners are limitless. As students continue their journeys, having discovered the depth of their potential here, they answer two essential questions: Who am I and who can I become?


Jeff Zemsky
Head of School

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