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The Arts

Fine and performing arts flourish at the Merle-Smith Campus, providing a rich tapestry of creative experiences for our Upper School students. Our commitment to artistic expression is a defining strength that sets Moravian Academy apart.
Students can choose from a vibrant array of over two dozen arts courses. These courses span across the realms of studio art, music, and theater, allowing students to tailor their artistic journey to their individual interests and aspirations. Our dedicated faculty fosters an environment where students can explore and hone their talents to an advanced level.
Dynamic Performing Arts Scene
The performing arts take center stage at Moravian Academy, offering students a stage to showcase their talents. Our three-show season starts with the fall extravaganza, Coffeehouse, a grand-scale Upper School tradition. The winter and spring productions feature a diverse range of musicals and delve into the captivating worlds of classic literature, from Shakespeare to Stoppard.
Harmonious Musical Traditions
Music has always been integral to Moravian history and culture, and that tradition resonates strongly in our music program. Students can choose from various formal and informal musical opportunities, including three vocal ensembles, four instrumental ensembles, and three handbell choirs. Whether performing at the Coffeehouse variety show, the Vespers service, or the Spring Choral and Instrumental Concerts, our musicians leave an indelible mark.
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