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Our Mission & Vision

Moravian Academy nurtures the joyful spirit of each learner and empowers inclusive global citizens to think critically, communicate effectively, lead with integrity, and strive for excellence.

Immersed in a community that values creativity, curiosity, love, and understanding, our students seek to answer the questions: Who am I and who can I become?

Mission in Action


Our Core Values & Portrait of a Graduate

Moravian Academy’s Core Values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions and serve as the foundational place from which we make decisions and live together as members of the community.

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  • Engage in COMMUNITY

    A strong sense of community is a cherished core value at Moravian. Having a sense of belonging to a community provides important psychological safety–a key ingredient for learning to take place. Relationships matter. Feeling connected at more than a surface level opens portals for love and understanding. Considering how our words and actions might impact other community members offers opportunities to make choices that will serve the greater good.
  • Strive for EXCELLENCE

    Excellence is an outward expression and outcome of possessing a vision, working hard toward achieving one's goals, and persisting through obstacles along the way. Reaching one’s full potential requires support from expert teachers and mentors who often see the potential in a student that they don’t yet see themselves, and helps them to recognize and leverage their strengths toward achievement. Students become agents of their own learning by finding passions, developing internal motivations, and learning how to learn.

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  • Act with INTEGRITY

    Acting with integrity calls us to think deeply about the potential impact of our actions in advance and to be accountable for them afterward. We hold each other to high standards of honesty and care. We treat each other with kindness and maintain a commitment to the well-being of the community and being “right” with each other. The core value of integrity asks us to check our actions so we can maintain wholeness of spirit within ourselves, toward each other, and with the spirit that connects us all.
  • Discover through CURIOSITY

    The joy of discovery has always been the catalyst of life-changing learning. Curiosity unlocks the door to success for students. It is a portal for creativity and leads the way for enhanced collaboration. Curiosity cultivates lives of meaning and purpose. At Moravian Academy, we ignite the inner curiosity of children to guide them toward discovery and deeper learning.
Moravian Academy’s Portrait of a Graduate represents our aspirations for all of our students. It highlights the skills and habits of mind that we believe are crucial for success in a rapidly changing and complex world. While mastering all of these skills is a lofty goal, we believe that striving, failing, and recommitting to them is an essential component of personal growth. The recognition that each of us is a work in progress opens pathways to grace, love, and belonging as a member of the Moravian Academy community and our greater humanity.

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  • Collaborative & Confident Communicators

    • Students gain the skills of collaboration through direct instruction and applied learning by working in groups to solve problems and demonstrate their learning.
    • They expand their appreciation for the value of collaboration as they witness improvement in the quality of decisions or the products produced.
    • Through teamwork, students become more connected, generous, growth-minded, and joyful.
    • Students gain confidence in their communication skills as members of a group and as individual presenters. Their sense of accomplishment grows.
    • They learn to think independently and grow into citizens who stand up for their beliefs and become the best version of themselves within the nurturing, safe, and inclusive school environment.
  • Ethical, Inclusive & Global Citizens

    • Students strive to create and maintain a sense of belonging at school, in their community, and in the wider world.
    • They respect, affirm, and protect the dignity of all.
    • Students engage in society and civil discourse. They are advocates for social justice.
    • Students maintain a curiosity and respect for diverse perspectives.
    • They are stewards and guardians of natural resources as well as champions of environmental sustainability.
    • They cooperate, negotiate, and engage respectfully in groups with a diversity of perspectives and experiences.
  • Resilient & Adventurous Learners

    • Students are eager to learn and grow. They adopt a mindset of curiosity about the world around them and engage with their teachers and fellow students as a community of learners.
    • Students learn to evaluate obstacles, consider options, select strategies, marshal resources, and motivate themselves—especially after a setback.
    • They embrace the knowledge that overcoming failure and disappointment is the path to accomplishing ambitious goals.
    • Students are resilient individuals who lead with courage, risk making mistakes, and persevere, knowing they are worthy and accepted.
    • Their versatile approach allows them to forgive themselves and others for mistakes and try again.

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  • Critical & Creative Thinkers

    • Creative students explore ways to express themselves, developing a lifelong love of the arts through both fine and performing artistic pursuits.
    • Critical thinkers courageously embrace challenging problems. They investigate, ask questions, and thrive on feedback.
    • Innovative students create and share original thoughts before refining and elaborating on their ideas for solving problems.
    • Creative learners exhibit originality and inventiveness in the demonstration and application of their knowledge.
    • Students adopt a mindset of inquiry as they challenge themselves and others to think beyond the obvious to consider innovative approaches to commonly held truths.
  • Empathetic & Compassionate Leaders

    • Students are caring and emotionally aware. They learn to act with thoughtfulness in a variety of real-life scenarios as teachable moments are embraced throughout the community.
    • Leaders practice a generosity of spirit, serving with both the head and heart.
    • Students insightfully relate to others and respond with kindness, striving to understand a point of view that is different from their own. The vibrant exchange of ideas pushes each student’s thinking to new depths of understanding.
    • Students are respectful, open-minded, perceptive, and self-aware.
    • With a profound sense of what is fair and good at home, school, and in the world, students are responsible citizens who are honest, trustworthy, and reliable.
  • Joyful & Balanced Advocates

    • Students will be guiding lights, reminding us that the pursuit of joy and balance is foundational to our well-being and personal development and a shared responsibility that enriches our lives and empowers our community.
    • Students attend to life’s balance in order to thrive, paying attention to well-being, and being accountable to one’s whole self.
    • Instilled with the belief that happiness is not just a by-product of success, they are well-prepared to make meaning from the challenges of life and carry the joy of learning and living with them always.
    • Students notice the ways (big or small) they make a difference, ever cognizant of the effects of their actions.
    • Students design their lives with purpose and meaning with intention on sustained joy and balance.

Core Values in Action

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