Curiosity Fueled

The Middle School experience at Moravian Academy is profoundly empowering. Through a program combining ample challenge with strong support, we guide students in becoming confident learners and promising young leaders, ready in every way for their Upper School experience.  

The Middle School curriculum consists of a series of required courses which build progressively to help students develop the basic skills, knowledge, and study habits needed for future success. Course requirements each year include: 
  • English 
  • Global Language 
  • Social Studies 
  • Math 
  • Science 
  • Health & Wellness (1 trimester) 
  • Music (1 trimester) 
  • Art (1 trimester) 
  • Electives 
 The Middle School runs on an eight-day rotating schedule and follows a trimester grading system. 
Advisories meet on a daily basis and aim to foster a safe environment through Developmental Designs programming that empowers students to develop their unique potential. Advisors monitor and support each student’s academic progress, serving as the primary point of contact between parents, teachers, and the advisee. In the fall and spring, advisors host parent conferences. In the spring, the conferences are student-leading. 

Students in all grades receive an iPad to use throughout the academic year to support their learning. The iPad is an academic tool, and each teacher will use the iPad, apps, and media to support course content and encourage curiosity and collaboration. All students are also provided a Moravian Academy email address to enhance communication with teachers and peers. 

Each week, the Middle School comes together for prayer, song, stories, and reflection, celebrating our varied religious heritages and wrestling with questions of faith, meaning, and truth. Students learn about global religions, discuss ethical issues, and explore music and art as spiritual expressions. 

Community Service

Community service is an integral part of school life. The Middle School completes in-house service projects and also has partnerships with area churches, nursing homes, and community groups. Students engage in activities throughout the school year, including leaving campus to visit our local partners.

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus