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Acting with INTEGRITY

Acting with integrity calls us to think deeply about the potential impact of our actions in advance and to be accountable for them afterward. We hold each other to high standards of honesty and care. We treat each other with kindness and maintain a commitment to the well-being of the community and being “right” with each other.

At Moravian Academy, integrity is woven into the fabric of school life, manifesting in gatherings like Homeroom, Morning Meeting, Advisory Group Meetings, Assembly, Town Hall, Chapel, and Class Meetings. These occasions serve as Integrity "Spaces," where the influence of individual words and actions resonates deeply, fostering accountability, honesty, and care. 
The Chapel and Assembly program on the Historic Downtown and Merle-Smith Campuses creates space for students to join together in reflection, prayer, song, and learning around varied religious heritages and cultural identities. Students in grades 1-12 lead these readings, musical performances, meditations, and personal stories. Our students emerge from these experiences with ever greater cultural competency, as well as a profound sense of belonging in the Moravian Academy community.
On the Swain Campus, town meeting is mechanism for building community, leadership, and social-emotional security, by empowering students of all ages to collaborate and connect. These gatherings are secular and broadly inclusive, featuring student speakers, community connections, collaborative projects, and even family connections for special occasions or holidays. Students learn about different cultures, religions, and traditions and develop curiosity and respect for people of all backgrounds.

Advisory and Character Building 101

Moravian Academy fosters empathy, community, citizenship, and integrity on each of its campuses through targeted programs tailored to the unique experiences of the students across the Swain, Historic Downtown, and Merle-Smith Campuses.  Hear from our team of campus administrators as they discuss Advisory & Character-Building 101.
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