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Planned Giving

The Naomi Haupert de Neufville Society recognizes those who have provided a gift to the school through their estate plans. The Society exemplifies the importance of planned gifts for Moravian Academy and expresses our appreciation to those who have a planned gift in support of our mission.

The society is named in honor of Naomi Haupert de Neufville Boyer who began her career teaching English, French, and history at Moravian Seminary for Girls in 1936. Miss Haupert became principal of the Seminary in 1940, continuing until 1950. In 1950, she married Dr. Albert de Neufville, a widower who had enrolled his daughter, Mely, in the Seminary two years earlier. Their daughter, Louise, was born in 1951. In 1958, Mrs. de Neufville resumed her career teaching French at Moravian Preparatory School where she taught until 1968. She was a member of the Board of Trustees of Moravian Academy and was named an honorary alumna of the Seminary in 1965. Mely graduated from Moravian Seminary for Girls in 1956 and Louise graduated from Moravian Preparatory in 1969. The de Neufvilles were the first to establish a life income fund with Moravian Academy. 

Gifts of Real Estate

Property may be donated outright. An immediate tax deduction is available and capital gains taxes may be avoided. As per the school’s Gift Acceptance Policies, such gifts may only be accepted upon approval of the Academy’s Finance Committee.

Wills and Bequests

The easiest way to plan a gift to a charitable organization is through a bequest in your Will.  A bequest can be made by adding a codicil to an existing Will or when you create your Will with your estate planning attorney.

Samples of types of bequests are:

Consult with your estate planning attorney to create your Will.

The following is sample bequest language:
I give $______ or _______% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to Moravian Academy located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to be used to create the Jane Doe Endowed Scholarship Fund. This fund will be a permanent endowment and income from the fund, in accordance with the Academy's spending policy, will be used to provide financial aid, based on demonstrated need, for the children of the faculty and staff who wish to attend the Academy."
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We are grateful to the following individuals who have made arrangements that will provide for the future financial strength of the Academy:

Mrs. Carolyn J. Conard, Honorary Alumna+
Mrs. Albert L. Baldock, Honorary Alumna
Dr. Robert T. & Rev. Dorothy O. Burcaw+, Honorary Alumna
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley S. Davis, Jr., Honorary Alumnus
Raymond & Donna Holton
Robert+ & Ann McCann (Robert McCann, Honorary Alumnus)
Mr. & Mrs. George Mowers, Honorary Alumnus (Charlene Donchez '64P)
Mrs. Robert W. Heck+ (Rebecca Humbert '59S)
Mrs. Frances Taylor Martin '19P+
Richard M. Spriggs '76 & Jacqueline K. Spriggs
Ms. Peggy Stryer Amidon '59P
Dr. Carol Laurenzano
Dr. Robert Laurenzano
Mrs. Mildred Hittinger Pierce '45S+
Mrs. Frederick Toole+ (Molly Groman '26P)
Dr. E. Helene Sage '65P
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Y. Normington, II '60P (Carol Burkhart '61P)
Ms. Marjorie Couch Kaesemeyer '34P+
Dr.+ & Mrs. Peter Keblish
Mrs. Harriet Seebald MacDonald '43S
Mrs. Constance Kline Umphred '51S+
Dr. Charles L. Knecht
Brian & Sally Avery Henderson '61S
Dr. & Mrs. Marc Abo
Mr.+ & Mrs. George Ackerman '39P
Margaret & Steven Krawiec, Honorary Alumnus
Mr.+ & Mrs. William Rusling
Mrs. Edward A. Zouck
Mrs. Mary Hurd Goodwillie '41P
Dr. & Mrs. Wesley P. Kozinn
Ms. Deanna M. Egelston (Deanna Perin Egelston '90)
Mr. William E. Stanford & Mrs. Mimi Stanford, Honorary Alumna
Ms. Mary Faith Carson & Mr. Jaime Harrington '00
Ed & Sharon Zondag
Peter & Margaret Sipple, Honorary Alumni
Dr. & Mrs. Aoun Kara
Miss Margaret W. Brennecke '28P+
Mr. Charles D. Couch '34P+
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Conroy+
Mr. Robert W. Butterfield '66P+
Mrs. Sophie H. Zumas+
Mrs. Ella Jane Kunkle, Honorary Alumna
Dr. William B. Miller '41P
Ms. Gianne Conard '69P
Ms. Natalie Fry Hunt+, Honorary Alumna
Dr. Michelle E. Schmidt
Ms. Kathryn Chartier '71S
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Reedy
Nancy Fillman Frankenfield '64P and Jeff Frankenfield '65P
Christine Herster Murphy '70S and William K. Murphy
Dr. Adam Juda '97
Ms. Lori Skripek
Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Marsh
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Luckenbach '43P
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