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Swain Campus Middle School

In the heart of our vibrant middle school at Swain Campus, each day unfolds with excitement and rich experiences! Picture sixth graders embarking on a cross-curricular exploration of 
Anatomy of an Empire or eighth graders fully engaged in respectful debate around a Harkness table. Visit during an elective period and hear the harmonizing sounds of the Middle School Choir, drop in on the school store team effortlessly applying algebra lessons during inventory processes, or walk through the campus garden tended by the garden club. You might join an advisory period or see how students develop with SEL.
This sense of exploration extends far beyond our campus as students participate in multiple field trips throughout the year. Our Outdoor Education Program, which encompasses day trips and overnight experiences allows Middle School students the opportunities to rise to new challenges, build independence, and investigate the natural world more deeply. 
Inspirational speeches have always held a special significance as the pinnacle project and rite of passage for Swain Campus eighth graders. Each speech is a distinctive expression, reflecting the individual student's interests, passions, challenges, and strengths. With the dedicated support of our faculty, who offer insightful guiding questions, your child eloquently reveals their identity, beliefs, and aspirations. This unique experience serves as an exceptional preparation for the forthcoming excitement and challenges of Upper School.

Middle School Happenings

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