Endowment Giving

Endowed funds may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000, given at once or over a period of time. The following are funds which have reached this dollar level or which have been added to during the past year.

Margaret F. Ache ’16 Fund
The Marilyn Albarelli Fund
Marjorie Allison 1905 Fund
Auction Volunteer Fund
Mada Grube Bartsch 1912P Memorial Fund
Helena Krause Beachum 1917 Fund
Audrey and Bernard Berman Fund
The William Bingham Foundation Scholarship Fund
Walter and Marjorie Buckley Funds
Frederic Butet ’84 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joe-Patricia Stiles Carlock 1920S Endowment Fund
Erma Sloane Chambers Scholarship Fund
Class of 1918P Scholarship Fund
G. Aubrey 1914P and Gradys Draper Clewell Fund
The Martin D. Cohen Family Fund
Carolyn J. and George P. Conard Fund
Ewalde and Arnold Cook Fund
Linda Cohen Cooper ’60P & Nancy Cohen Engels ’65P Fund
The Raymond Cruder Endowed Fund for Music
Susan and Wesley Davis Fund
Albert De Neufville Fund
Miriam and David J. Devey Fund
Faculty Endowment Fund
Lesley Holland Fallon Scholarship Fund
The Genevieve J. Ferretti Scholars Fund
Madeline Fetterman ’58S Fund
Edward E. Ford Foundation Funds
The Natalie Fry Hunt Financial Assistance Endowment Fund
J. Walter Gapp Scholarship Fund
The Deborah Gordon Scholarship Fund
Bonnie Gross Memorial Fund
Dr. & Mrs. J. Maximillian Hark Fund
Headmaster’s Contingency Fund
Rebecca Humbert ’59S & Robert Heck Fund
Helena and Emma Hoch Trust
JAMMS Chair of Math and Science
The Karen and Jack Jacob Fund for Faculty and Staff Salaries
Neil E. Johnson, CPA1973 Scholarship Fund for Student Financial Assistance
Cassard & Marjorie Couch Kaesemeyer ’34P Fund
Clara Crist Knapp 1872S Memorial Fund
John N. Kolb II Philanthropy Fund
Ella Jane Kunkle Innovation Fund
The Virginia Laube ’60P Fund
Helen and Charles J. Layfield Fund
Lehigh Valley Business Scholarship Fund
Lehigh Valley Summerbridge Endowment
Cyphers Music Award
Cynthia A. Long Chapel Fund
The Ruth D. Loquasto Fund for the Performing Arts
Edward C. and Ruth Luckenbach ‘43P Endowment Fund for Financial Assistance
The Anna Borhek Manning ’36P Fund
The Margolis Family Trust
Monica and Norman Maron Fund
L. White and Jane Matthews Fund
Robert and Ann McCann Fund
Don and Lucille McNellis Fund
Myrtle M. Meilicke Endowment Fund
Mary Snyder Melhado 1915S Scholarship Fund
Katherine and Van S. Merle-Smith Fund
Merle-Smith Family Fund
Elizabeth K. Miller Fund
Paul VanReed Miller, Jr. Memorial Fund
Ermyl Christian Mueller 1914S Scholarship Fund
The Newman Fund
Carol Burkhart Normington ’61P & Dr. Ernest Normington, II ’60P Fund
Pidcock Scholars Fund
Martha Richards Oberrender Fund
The Frank E. and Seba B. Payne Foundation Fund
Michael J. Popovice and Rosina Perin Popovice Fund
The Professor Higgins Financial Assistance Fund
Joanna Kelly Pruden 1846S Scholarship Fund
The Jean and Myron Rand Fund
Eugene A. Rau Legacy
Barbara and Patrick Respet Fund
The Barnaby J. Roberts Fund
Rose Garden Memorial Fund
Joanne L. Schlier ’45S Fund
Anna McEntire Schmidt 1899S Memorial Fund
Ralph K. Shields ’28P Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Peter and Margaret Sipple Faculty Development Fund
Joel and Ruth Spira Physics Fund
The Casey D. Stengel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Janet M. Strahler Memorial Fund
The Milton and Marguerite Tarlau Scholarship Fund
Judith Fretz ’54P & Frederic W. Thomas Fund
Dorothy Tyler Fund
Francis E. Walter Hall Memorial Fund
Arthur T. Ward Fund
The Cameron D. Warner Lacrosse Fund
The Sallie Walter Williams ‘47P Faculty Salary Endowment
Shirley J. Wotring Fund
Edmund A. and Jeanne S. Zouck Fund
Nick Zumas Fund

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