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Sports schedules can be accessed using Moravianathletics.org. Please click here and use the dropdown menus to locate a specific sports schedule.

Click on the team listing below to view practice and game schedules, and sign up for alerts on Moravianathletics.org.

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Merle-Smith Campus

Girls' Varsity Field Hockey
Girls' JV Field Hockey
Boys' Varsity Soccer
Boys' JV Soccer
Girls' Varsity Soccer
Girls' JV Soccer
Girls' Varsity Tennis 
Girls' JV Tennis
Boys' Varsity Cross Country
Girls' Varsity Cross Country
Boys' Varsity Golf
Boys' and Girls' Varsity Golf
Boys' Varsity Football (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS)
Boys' JV Football (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS)
Girls' Varsity Volleyball (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS)
Girls' JV Volleyball (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS)

Boys' Varsity Basketball
Boys' JV Basketball
Boys' Freshman Basketball
Girls' Basketball
Girls' JV Basketball
Boys' and Girls' Swimming
Boys' Wrestling (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS)

Boys' Varsity Lacrosse
Boys' JV Lacrosse
Girls' Varsity Lacrosse
Girls' JV Lacrosse
Girls' Softball
Boys' Varsity Tennis
Boys' JV Tennis
Boys' Baseball
Boys' JV Baseball
Boys' Varsity Track (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS) 
Girls' Varsity Track (with Notre Dame Green Pond HS)

Downtown Campus

Boys' Soccer
Girls' Soccer 
Field Hockey
Boys' and Girls' Cross Country
Middle School Boys' Basketball
Middle School Girls' Basketball

Boys' Baseball (7/8th)
Girls' JH Softball
Boys' Middle School (5th/6th & 7/8th) Lacrosse
Girls' Middle School  (5th/6th & 7/8th) Lacrosse

Swain Campus

Field Hockey
Soccer (co-ed)
Cross Country
Girls' Basketball
Boys' Basketball
Cross Training
Ski Club
Boys' Lacrosse
Girls' Lacrosse
Swain Sprinters (boys grades 3-5)
Girls on the Run (girls grades 3-5)
Boys' Baseball (boys grades 7-8) on Merle-Smith Campus
MORE TO EXPLORE Preschool-12 in the Lehigh Valley