Digital Learning

We believe technology should feed curiosity while increasing collaboration. Across the entire school, students and teachers utilize iPads, laptops, ActivBoards and SMARTBoards to enhance learning by accessing online mathematics experiences, producing original iMovies documenting their research, learning cutting-edge coding curriculum, and so much more. Below you'll find some highlights of our digital learning. 

Lower School iPads and Laptops

Students and teachers utilize iPads and laptops daily to enhance the learning experience. Each classroom is equipped to interact with these devices so teachers can create collaborative lessons. Coding is part of the curriculum beginning in Kindergarten.

1:1 iPad Program
Each middle schooler is issued an iPad for the entire school year. They are used as flashcards, for Internet research, video filming and editing, presentation creation and delivery, and to facilitate collaborative projects. 

1:1 MacBook Air Program
Whether editing digital films or analyzing experimental data, Upper School students and faculty employ technology as an integral tool in learning. All students are issued an 11-inch MacBook Air, enabling them to access teacher webpages, collaborate on projects, and utilize online research resources wherever they are on campus. In classrooms, students can wirelessly project onto a SMARTBoard or SMARTTV, and there has been a gradual adoption of online textbooks that fit within the curriculum.

SMARTBoards and Apple TV
Throughout the entire school, classrooms are equipped with SMARTBoards and Apple TVs. The combination allows teachers to weave digital media into their lessons and students to easily share work on their iPads with the entire class.

Lower & Middle School create newscasts called MABC (Moravian Academy Broadcasting Company) and MSBG (Middle School Broadcasting Group). The programs are written and produced by students. Each episode is an exciting learning experience that teaches problem-solving and public speaking.

The Lower School Library
Students have access to nearly 13,000 books, a growing collection of videos, DVDs, and audio books in CD and Playaway formats.  

The Payne Middle School Library and Student Center
The library is a central hub of academic life at the Middle School and is designed to inspire a lifelong passion for reading with a diverse fiction collection and comfortable spaces to enjoy a good book.

The Fuisz Library at the Upper School
This library participates in the ACCESS PA/POWER Library program. We are part of a consortium of libraries that are comprised of school, public, and college libraries across the state of Pennsylvania. This program enables our students and faculty to have access to a large selection of print and non-print resources.