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Moravian Academy Journal: Integrity (Spring 2024)

Julia Fox
The spring 2024 issue of the Moravian Academy Journal, our print alumni magazine, is now available for families to read. View the full publication online. Alumni and families, print copies are en route to your mailboxes. 

Dear reader, 

At Moravian Academy, we understand that integrity is more than just a virtue; it is a Core Value that guides our daily interactions and decisions. Acting with integrity calls us to think deeply about the potential impact of our actions and to maintain wholeness of spirit within ourselves, toward each other, and with the spirit that connects us all.

That same spirit imbues the Spring 2024 issue of the Journal. It's what moved the late, beloved Rebecca Binder and her partner, Chuck Cohen, to establish The Rebecca Binder Memorial Scholarship Fund to support MA students in need of financial assistance (pg 16). It's what inspired impressive Eagle Scout projects (pg. 12), award-winning research with the goal of improving community health (pg.8), and it's what underlies the pursuits of academic excellence, long standing community traditions, joyful learning and discovery in grades of all ages, and alumni connections that continue long after our students begin careers in all corners of the country (pg. 30). 

Acting with integrity is one of four Core Values Moravian Academy formally adopted last fall in conjunction with new mission vision statements and the Portrait of a Graduate (pg. 2). We also launched More to Explore: Strategic Plan 2023-2028 (pg. 3). These aspirations and principles embody the educational journey for our students, defining who we are and what we strive to achieve. We are pleased to share them with you in these pages and invite you to see how they come to life on our campus by following @moravianacademy on social media. 

To our alumni, continue sharing your Class Notes with us, joining faculty and the Institutional Advancement team for gatherings in cities near you, and returning to our shared home—Moravian Academy—for traditions like Reunion in the fall. 

Until next issue, 

Julia Fox
Associate Director of Communications
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