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Kelley Necioglu
On May 23, 2024, the Swain Campus community of Moravian Academy gathered to celebrate our incredible student-athletes and their outstanding achievements during the 2023-2024 sports season. This annual event is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and spirit of our students who embody the values of community, curiosity, integrity, and excellence both on and off the field.

Outstanding Participation and Dedication

The 2023-2024 sports season saw an impressive level of participation from our students. From grades 6-8, an astounding 89% of students engaged in sports, highlighting the vibrant athletic culture at Swain Campus. Our 5th graders also showed remarkable enthusiasm, with 78% participating in sports activities.
Particularly noteworthy are the students who demonstrated exceptional commitment by participating in sports across all three seasons. This year, 20 students achieved this remarkable feat, with three students completing four sports throughout the year. Additionally, four 8th-grade students, recognized at commencement, participated in a sport every season, underscoring their dedication and perseverance.

Honoring Our Major Award Winners

The All Sports Awards also recognized individual excellence through several major awards, celebrating those who have gone above and beyond in their respective sports. Here are the highlights of this year's award winners:

  • Most Valuable Archer: Elise Koprowski '29
  • Most Improved: Levi Hawbaker '30
  • Rookie: Philip Nifong '31
  • Coaches Award: Eloi Jackson '29
  • Coaches Award: Maggie Borger '30
  • Coaches Award: Preston Edwards '30
  • Most Valuable Player: Paris Wreaks '29 and Alex Romig '30
  • Most Improved: Ellie Criscuolo '29 and Cameron Hodavance '30
  • Rookie: Caspar Meckseper '31
  • Coaches Award: Kellen Jankowski '29
Cross Country (XC):
  • Most Valuable Runner: Jack Garrity '28
  • Most Improved: Lauren Fleshman '28
  • Rookie: Spencer Fleshman '31
  • Coaches Award: Miles Manning '30
Boys Basketball:
  • Most Valuable Player: Joel Okune '28
  • Most Improved: Evan Scagliotti '28
  • Rookie: Cameron Hodavance '30
  • Coaches Award: Brady Helmer '28
Girls Basketball:
  • Most Valuable Player: Ellie Criscuolo '29
  • Most Improved: Niamh McIntosh '30
  • Rookie: Alex Romig '30
  • Coaches Award: Paris Wreaks '29
  • Most Valuable Teammate: Hamilton Wreaks '28
  • Most Improved: Grayson Line '31
  • Rookie: Emmie Scagliotti '31
  • Coaches Award: Miles Manning '30
Swain Sprinters:
  • Most Valuable Runner: Evren Necioglu '31
  • Most Improved: James Falcone '31
  • Rookie: Emmie Scagliotti '31
  • Coaches Award: Lauren Fleshman '28
Flag Football:
  • Most Valuable Player: Joel Okune '28
  • Most Improved: Alex Romig '30
  • Rookie: Duncan McIntosh '28
Spring Archery:
  • Most Valuable Archer: Eloise Enea '28
  • Most Improved: Cameron Hodavance '30
  • Coaches Award: Hamilton Wreaks '28
These awards reflect not only the individual talent of our students but also their ability to work as part of a team, demonstrating leadership, sportsmanship, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our success in sports would not be possible without the dedication and support of our coaches. Their commitment to nurturing each athlete’s potential and fostering a positive, inclusive environment has been instrumental in achieving such high levels of participation and performance. To all our coaches, thank you for your unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement throughout the year.

As we reflect on this season, we celebrate not just the victories and awards, but the growth, effort, and joy that our sports programs bring to our students. Here’s to another year of excellence in athletics at Swain Campus!
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