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Swain Campus Middle School Team
At Moravian Academy's Swain Campus, tradition met rejuvenation as the 8th-grade class recently embarked on an inspiring overnight retreat at Camp Oneka in the Poconos. This retreat wasn't just about fun; it was an opportunity to reinforce the values of community and curiosity while building leadership skills.

Community and Togetherness: The retreat's primary goals were clear: to strengthen connections among students, develop leadership skills, and, of course, have a great time. Under the banner of #architectsofbelonging, our 8th graders had the chance to practice self-care and extend their care to their peers, embodying our commitment to creating an inclusive community where everyone belongs.

Embracing Curiosity: Our students engaged in a host of exciting activities, from conquering rock climbing challenges to canoeing on serene waters and swimming in a beautiful lake. Yet, the true highlight was the time spent with Camp Oneka's beloved golden retriever, Maddy, a curious spirit that epitomizes our school's commitment to curiosity.

Letters of Reflection: During their retreat, 8th graders wrote letters of encouragement to their future selves. These letters, sealed until their 8th-grade commencement, symbolize our commitment to fostering curiosity and personal growth throughout their educational journey.
Shaping Tomorrow Together
As the sun set over the Pocono landscape, our students contemplated what they want the Swain Campus Class of 2024 to be remembered for. This exercise empowered them to set collective goals and aspirations, contributing to the legacy of Moravian Academy's 8th grade while nurturing their curiosity and commitment to community.

Moravian Academy's 8th-grade retreat at Camp Oneka rekindled tradition, reignited our core values of community and curiosity, and fostered leadership skills among our students. Through shared experiences and heartfelt reflections, they are now better prepared to embark on their next educational chapter as leaders and friends, carrying the spirit of Camp Oneka in their hearts.

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