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Erin Coffey
Eighth graders on the Swain Campus embarked on an engaging journey into the world of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein through a unique and educational mock trial experience. 

The focal point of this project was the thought-provoking question: "Who is the real monster in the novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein or the creature he created?"

Dividing into two impassioned groups, students assumed the roles of the prosecution, representing Victor Frankenstein, and the defense, advocating for The Creature. Their mission? To delve into the text, extract compelling evidence, and employ rhetorical devices to craft persuasive opening statements and rebuttals.
Special appreciation goes out to Mr. Fleming, Ms. Bermudez, and Mrs. Crerand for graciously serving as the jury for this thrilling trial. Their involvement added a touch of authenticity to the proceedings, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Throughout the mock trial, students were tasked with constructing the most robust argument to defend their assigned character. In the end, the jury rendered a verdict, and it was a momentous one – Victor Frankenstein was deemed responsible for the tragedies unfolding within the novel.

As we transition into Trimester 2, our 8th graders are set to hone their skills further in argumentation, debate, and public speaking. The mock trial not only provided a captivating exploration of literature but also served as a platform for the cultivation of valuable skills that will undoubtedly benefit these students in their academic journey and beyond. Kudos to our eighth graders for their intellectual prowess and dedication to the art of persuasion!
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