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Independent Research

Enabling Student Ownership of the Learner’s Journey

Helping students acquire the skills needed for real-world settings.
At Moravian Academy, students dive into deeper learning through research-based projects. In the Lower School, students are given a theme and may then choose their own topic with that theme. At the Upper School, independent research projects are chosen solely by the student.

The Middle School serves as a bridge between Lower and Upper School, allowing students more freedom in choosing their topic while still getting direction from our expert teachers. During the Student-Centered Original Research Experience (SCORE), each 7th Grade student is encouraged to choose a research topic that sparks a deep personal curiosity and turn it into a project that is meaningful and purposeful. One student may write and illustrate a book for their project, while another student designs an app, and yet another creates a TED-style video.


At Moravian, the teachers give you the opportunity to grow independently, on your own, and that helped me succeed at college. It was instilled in me as a student that I need to be the leader of my own education and I think that helped me succeed at [college].
--Zev, alumni
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