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Preschool through Eighth Grade

A space to express, communicate, amplify, and reach
The Arts at Swain are not peripheral. They are an essential part of the formative educational experience. All students receive formal instruction in music, theatre, and art each week. Dynamic instruction provides many opportunities to sing, dance, listen to music, play instruments, act, draw, paint, and create. Through attaining a basic knowledge of the arts, children are not only better prepared to understand and appreciate works of art, but also to communicate their ideas, feelings, and judgments to others.

Individual instrumental, voice, and theatrical performance lessons are offered to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Elective courses, including guitar, world drumming, band and chorus, are offered to students in grades 6-8. Musical theatre and concert performances occur throughout the year, highlighting every student within the school.
Beginning as early as Preschool, students at Swain use play and creative freedom to express themselves through prompted storytelling and group work with the Theatre Arts Director and Movement Teacher.

Establishing this type of space at a young age allows our students to tap into their imagination in a way that is uninhibited, and a place for true artistry to grow.
As students continue to move through the Theatre Arts Program at Swain, they collaborate with their peers on original works including puppetry, interpretations, filmmaking, parodies, and more.

Woven into these concepts, students create scenarios and characters in a performance setting, learning to respond to art and trusting their own process. 


Each year Swain offers ample performance opportunity for students of all ages. From an original piece in Kindergarten centered around gratitude and community, to a Third Grade wax-museum cross-curricular collaboration, Swain students are well versed in what it means to embody character and confidence in a public setting. Our Theatre Arts Director works with classroom teachers to guide students throughout these processes in a safe and joyful setting.
Starting in Fifth Grade, students begin their exposure to musical theatre with their own all-class production. This serves as a stepping stone as our young actors move on to Middle School where they have the opportunity to perform their original works in the Fall Play, and audition for the Spring Production. Each piece is scheduled around athletics, so that our students can participate in as many extracurriculars as possible without having to choose.

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