Our Inclusive Community

Since 1742, Moravian Academy has been dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Guided by the wisdom of John Amos Comenius, renowned Moravian bishop and educator, students and faculty from a variety of ethnic, cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds carry on this commitment every day in our halls and classrooms.

Through multicultural curricula, varied chapel services, and active engagement with each other, students are encouraged to appreciate one another’s individuality and differences. Cultural programs throughout the year allow the entire school community to gather to celebrate each other's cultures, languages, and traditions as members of a global community. Opportunities to learn about the world beyond our campuses abound in all divisions.

We believe each student is unique and should feel comfortable in expressing his or her individual identity in an atmosphere of warmth, security, and respect. Through this appreciation of one another, Moravian Academy strives to provide students with the adaptability and understanding to succeed as global citizens and prepare for life in a multicultural world.

Diversity Committees

The roles of the Diversity Committees are to: establish direction and priorities for the divisions, ensure equality among community members, and provide community-building activities.

There are three committees, one the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, comprised of faculty and staff that focus on diversity and multicultural programming. Each committee is responsible for planning and programming events for their students and addressing items of interest within the community. Committee members are the diversity leaders for their respective divisions. In addition, there is a Global Awareness Committee of the Parents' Association whose role it is to provide community events that allow our parents, staff, and students to engage in an activity that promotes global awareness and expose our families to the unique cultural and diverse aspects of our community.

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