Seniors meet weekly in small groups until they have completed all their college applications. Mrs. Dubreuil and Mrs. Shaughnessy guide the Senior Seminar program, providing extensive individual support. The senior year concludes with the Transition to College program that focuses on major issues that college freshmen face. Click here to view the Senior Seminar Agenda.
Things To Do:
  • Continue to focus on the balance between academics and extracurricular activities. It is essential that you maintain your academic performance throughout your senior year.
  • If you haven’t already, ask the teachers you have selected to write college recommendations for you. Give them adequate time.
  • Complete your college visits.
  • Attend Senior Seminar weekly workshops in the fall.
  • Refine your college list so that you find the right fit. You should have several colleges on your list in the following groupings: Reaches, Profile Fits/Mid-range, and Likely.
  • Consider a gap year — Students choosing to take a gap year between college take a step back from their formal education to see connections between their education and their life. Check out the resources below:
  • Continue regular contact with Mrs. Dubreuil and Mrs. Shaughnessy.
Test Calendar - Twelfth Grade
Moravian Academy’s school code is 390-335.

Students will complete their testing requirements (if they haven’t already) in the fall of their senior year.

Typical Twelfth Grade Testing Calendar if testing is not complete
  • Take ACT in September or SAT in October (depending on which test is the best match based on eleventh grade scores)
  • Take Subject Tests in October or November
  • Take AP Exams (if applicable) in May

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