Pre-Season Physicals and Registration

As we continue to follow the development of COVID-19, we are optimistic regarding the return of athletics in the fall of 2020. In an effort to provide our students, parents, and staff the safest possible method for conducting 2020 Fall Sports Inquiries, the Moravian Academy Athletic Department will now host our Pre-Participation Athletic Forms and Registration online at PlanetHS.  This digital platform will allow you to access and complete registration forms online.  It is HIPAA, COPPA, and FERPA compliant. 
Here are some important steps:
  • Parents AND Students must create SEPARATE accounts, using different emails and/or mobile phone numbers.
  • Students must be sure to create accounts using accurate information, including their Official Name that appears on their report card, date of birth, graduation year, and SCHOOL ATTENDING during the 2020-2021 School Year.
    • Students going into 6th, 7th, & 8th-Grade choose Middle School.
    • Students going into 9th-12th-Grade choose High School.
  • Please take the time to review the "Getting Started" videothe "PlanetHS Parent & Student Guide", and the "Kick-Off Letter" prior to registration, as it will eliminate any mistakes.
Athletes will not be able to participate in athletics during pre-season until digital forms are complete and approved by the Athletic Office. Forms will be valid for the entire school year for which they are filled out, including the form completed by the physician.  Completing and having your Pre-Participation Registration Forms accepted by your school makes you eligible to practice with the team. 
Due to the ongoing uncertainty with COVID-19, St. Lukes will not be able to provide on-campus physicals this summer. 

If you need assistance with PlanetHS or need more information, please consult the help documents found here or email  If you have questions regarding the content of form requirements, please contact Manny Oudin, Director of Athletics and Physical Education at
When you go to your physician for a sports physical: 

You only need to bring Section 6 of the PIAA form. Once completed by your physician, Section 6 can be uploaded directly to your PlanetHS account. 

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