Life in the Middle School

The Middle School program extends well beyond the classroom. Extracurricular activities are not "extra," as they are indispensable to the development of the whole child.

The first sentence of our mission statement states that “young people best realize their potential in an atmosphere of love and understanding." Weekly Chapel services bring the Middle School community together to affirm this central value. The focus of the services reflects the substantial diversity of the student body and the central tenets of all faiths are valued. We meet in the historic Old Chapel of Central Moravian Church, where students lead readings and the prayers, and student chapel musicians assist the Middle School Director of Music.

Student-Led Conferences
Middle School students lead their own parent-teacher conferences, called Student-Led Conferences (SLCs). These conferences involve the student, his/her advisor, and a parent. In this format of conferences, students lead all conversations and self-advocate on their own experiences, pro-actively participating in their educational development and demonstrating the leadership skills necessary to run a conference. At its heart, this is what SLCs are all about: helping students learn to be more accountable for their learning and for students to advocate for themselves. SLCs also aims to promote the development of confident, self-directed learners, and to make a long-term impact on academic improvement.

Class Trips
Each grade in the Middle School has one scheduled overnight trip each year. The trip is based on the curriculum. The sixth-grade retreat in early September focuses on team-building skills and reinforces their study of environmental science; seventh grade travels to Philadelphia to study early American history; and eighth graders travel to Washington, DC to explore elements of our nation's history. Throughout the year, there are also frequently scheduled field trips such as a visit to a coal mine, a Renaissance Faire, a production of Shakespeare, and a Vietnam War Memorial.
Community Service
Service to others and the community are central values at Moravian Academy. In the Middle School, there are periodic food drives to support a local organization, and other activities support a variety of causes—local and beyond. Each grade also plans and implements their own series of unique service activities.

Performing Arts
Approximately 70% of Middle School students participate in some sort of live performance. Middle School Drama offers an improvisation troupe in the fall and a play in the spring. We offer the opportunity to participate in Middle School Chorus, handbell choirs, concert band, jazz band, and string ensemble. These groups participate throughout the year in school worship services in Central Moravian Church such as Fathers' Lovefeast, Grandparents' Lovefeast, and Mothers' Lovefeast. The chorus and handbell choirs are featured in the evening Vespers service in December, and the instrumental groups perform in the annual Lessons and Carols service, also in December. Instrumental and choral groups perform at a Music Adjudication in Hershey, PA every spring. The year concludes with spring concerts and a closing Chapel service, during which music groups are always featured.

Individual student talent is highlighted in the Fall Recital and Annual Talent Show in the spring when students taking music lessons outside of school are encouraged to perform.

In the spring, many students choose to participate in a school-wide Film Festival, which provides a way for students to showcase their creativity as they write scripts, enhance videography and editing skills, and create original films for a screening at the conclusion of the festival.

Preparing for a Global World
A faculty-led Middle School Diversity Committee plans unique programming to explore worldwide diversity. Special assemblies feature guests who bring perspective on cultural elements through vehicles such as traditional music and art.

Social Activities
The Middle School offers a variety of social activities throughout the year through a unique program known as SAMS (Social Activities at the Middle School). Students enjoy approximately five planned after-school activities such as roller skating, bowling, ice skating, and picnics. SAMS is chaperoned by parents, faculty, and administration members. Other social activities include school dances and Ski Club.

Middle School students love to participate in sports! Approximately 65% of students compete in our interscholastic athletic opportunities, including boys’ and girls’ soccer, cross country, field hockey, boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ lacrosse, and softball. Intramural programs are offered to provide additional opportunities for physical activity after school. Learn more about athletics at Moravian.

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