Supporting Students' Health & Well-Being

Our all-school psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Zhe, and our counselor and learning support team leader, Mrs. Carissa Casey, work closely with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to support students’ learning, social-emotional and behavioral needs, and to promote their strengths and resiliency. They consult with teachers, administrators, and parents, and serve as a member of the Student Support Teams at the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. 

An integral aspect of their role is individual and group assessment. They coordinate and interpret grade-level standardized testing from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. In an effort to determine student learning styles and recommend appropriate strategies, interventions, and accommodations, they review admissions files, conduct classroom observations, interpret testing results from outside sources, and, when needed, conduct psycho-educational assessments. 

Brief solution-focused counseling and crisis intervention are also essential to the role of our all-school psychologist. They meet with students as needed and make referrals for outside counseling when regular therapeutic support is required. And they serve as a liaison between the school and outside psychologists, therapists, and educational consultants.
At the Lower School, we are fortunate to employ a full-time nurse Mrs. Toni Woods Maignan BS, BSN, RN,  who is ocated in the Main Building of the Lower School and tends to the daily health needs of students, manage special needs, and help to oversee dietary issues and allergies by maintaining close communication with the dining team and teachers. She also serves on the Student Support Team. Mrs. Woods Maignan carefully maintains students' health and attendance records and is available to answer any questions or health concerns a student or parent may have.

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