Mission and Philosophy

Moravian Academy is a church-related school whose Moravian tradition affirms that young people best realize their potential in an atmosphere of love and understanding. We seek to promote the child's full development in mind, body, and spirit. Since 1742 the school has encouraged sound innovations to meet contemporary challenges while recognizing the permanence of basic human values.

Moravian Academy seeks to fulfill its mission by pursuing the following goals:
  • Provide a strong academic foundation in preparation for college work.
  • Help students develop self-respect, dignity, and a concern and respect for others.
  • Promote creativity and an appreciation of aesthetic values.
  • Help students to develop their physical skills and encourage positive attitudes about health and fitness.
  • Engage students in experiences that will develop maturity, independence, adaptability, integrity, and love of learning.
  • Help students to become aware of the spiritual dimension of life and further their understanding of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • Encourage students and their parents to recognize their responsibilities in the educational process and demonstrate their commitment to the purposes and goals of Moravian Academy. 

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus