Independent Research

A Signature Moravian Experience

Real-world research and insights
that take passion projects to the next level.
A signature experience at Moravian and a transformative one for students, the Comenius Project pays tribute to the Moravian scholar who inspired the school’s founders in 1742. Upper Schoolers design an independent honors project and bring it to fruition under faculty mentorship. Come spring, the results are presented to—and celebrated with—the school community.

Projects span the arts and sciences, economics and ethics—perhaps converting a Jeep from gasoline to electric power or studying the effect of sleep on the concentration of high schoolers. Whatever the topic, projects lead students to explore career areas, refine college goals, and pursue passions.

The Comenius Project is the culmination of several programs that teach students how to do independent research. It is a valuable skill sought by colleges and employers and the kind of real-world learning that would make Comenius proud.


Noah Breithaupt '24

Emily Cho '24

What Defines Life? 

Read Emily's research paper

Kanchan Gupta '24

The Royal Family’s Treatment of Diana Spencer and Meghan Markle through the Eyes of The Press

George Husack '24

Propulsion Throughout History

Read George's research paper

Mayuka Karthik '24

Taaran Kaur '25

Sikh Religion and Faith in the United States

Visit Taaran's website

Rayna Malhotra '24

Understandings of Mental Illnesses & Psychiatry in Ancient Greece

Read Rayna's research paper

Tayden Miller '23

Analytics and the NBA

Read Tayden's research paper

Ryan Paul '24

The Iterative Development of Localization Algorithms and Sensor Fusion Towards Accurate, Efficient, and Affordable Applications to Improve Independent Mobility for the Visually Impaired

Read Ryan's research paper

Diya Sharma '25

The 6 Faces of War: Two great epics—the Iliad and Mahabharata

Read Diya's poetry
View Diya's art piece

Brian Yang '25

The Impact of Government Investment in University Education in the 1990s on South Korea's Economy

Read Brian's research paper
View slide presentation

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