How to Apply for Financial Aid

We offer the following guidelines to assist you in the financial aid application process.

Returning families: We will include financial aid awards on each returning student’s re-enrollment contract, provided the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) has been submitted through the School and Student Services Family portal by January 15, 2022. Returning families wishing to apply for financial aid for the first time are also required to submit 2019 and 2020 tax forms by January 15, 2022.

New families: Please submit your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through the School and Student Services Family portal by January 28, 2022.  Copies of your 2019 and 2020 IRS 1040 tax forms should also be submitted by January 28 to complete your file for review during the first round of financial aid consideration.  The Financial Aid Committee will determine financial aid awards for admitted applicants prior to issuance of an enrollment contract.  

The following information is provided to assist you through this process:
  1. Complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) online as soon as possible, but no later than January 15, 2022.  The income you report for 2021 on the PFS may be an estimate of what you will actually be reporting on your 2021 IRS 1040. You will also need to project your 2022 income on the PFS.
  1. At the time of application, pay the processing fee of $55 by credit or debit card through the School and Student Services Family Portal.
  1. Non-custodial parents are also expected to complete a Parent Financial Statement within the same timeline (as soon as possible, but no later than January 15, 2022).
  1. We prefer you use the secure SSS Family Portal to upload your tax documents. Upload signed prior-year tax documents by January 15, 2022, if you have not done so already. 
  1. Prior to May 1, 2022, upload current year tax documents, including your signed 1040 (with all schedules and worksheets) and your W2s. Click here for more detailed information about submitting the required documents.
If you need to mail a copy, you can send them to:

Torsie Judkins
Director of Enrollment Management
Moravian Academy
11 West Market Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Applications for financial aid are reviewed on an individual basis.  The Financial Aid Committee cannot begin to review your application until we receive the Report of Family Contribution from SSS after you have submitted your PFS.  Awards are not finalized until verified against the signed tax forms uploaded to the portal.
Moravian Academy is committed to providing need-based financial assistance to as many qualified students as possible given a finite amount of designated funds.  Your adherence to the timeline outlined is necessary to ensure fair and equitable distribution of available financial aid dollars.

Please note: Funds will not be reserved for late submissions. If your information is not received by the deadlines indicated, your financial aid award may be forfeited and a revised contract without an award will be issued.

Contact Information

Torsie Judkins
Director of Enrollment Management
11 West Market Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

How to complete your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online
  • Beginning September 1, 2021, go to the Family Portal at
  • Create your Family Portal account with your email address and a password. If you applied for financial aid last year, log into the Family Portal as a Returning Family using your same email address and password.
  • Complete a PFS for Academic Year 2022-23. You can log out at any time and return later to finish it.
  • When all PFS sections are complete with green checks, the Submit & Pay button activates. Follow prompts to the payment screen. The $55 fee is nonrefundable. Once your PFS is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn from the SSS system.
  •  After you pay for and submit your PFS, the next step will require you to upload required documents by their deadlines as part of your application process.
How to submit your required documents online
  • Prepare your document files for uploading. Make sure the documents are on your computer and each specific form is saved as a separate file. Examples: a) 1 PDF file for the 1040 with all schedules and worksheets included, b) each W2 saved as its own file. Remove any security or password protection from your files.
  • Return to your Family Portal account and confirm you are on the Academic Year 2022-23 Dashboard.
  • In the “Required Documents” section, use the Upload button or link associated with the specific document type. Follow prompts to locate, select, and confirm the file to upload.
  • Click the Submit button to complete your upload. The date will appear in the “Date Uploaded” column within minutes of the upload. Repeat this process until all required documents are submitted by their deadlines.
  • Mailing in Documents: If you prefer to submit required documents by mail, you must print your Cover Sheet from “My Documents” and send it with your documents to the address it provides at least 10 days before the deadlines.

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