275th Anniversary Inititiative

To celebrate Moravian Academy’s 275th anniversary, the school’s leadership announced initiatives to enhance an initiative to enhance Snyder House on the Upper School, Merle-Smith Campus.

The most visible part of the initiative called for the addition of an “Alumni Circle” to the front exterior of the building.  The circle was installed in May 2017 and cost approximately $152,000. It includes landscaping renovation, two sitting walls, and most importantly, replacement of the blacktop with brick pavers inscribed with the names of all alumni from 1931 to the present. This prominent location on campus is a celebration of the individuality of each graduate within our one Moravian community. From 2017 to 2027, all reunion classes will have their names added to the Alumni Circle and there will be a special ceremony at each fall reunion. Also, each graduating class will also have their names added right before graduation.

More than $107,000 has already been raised from 145 alumni for this project. Additional funding will be raised in the next several years.
To learn more about, donate, or to volunteer to help with the Alumni Circle project, please contact Bob Zaiser, Director of Institutional Advancement at bzaiser@mamail.net or 610-332-5291.

Merle Smith Campus

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