From the Headmaster - December 2016

Bringing Sound Innovators Into the Light

This Christmas season at Moravian has brought us many gifts. For all of us who have joined Vespers or a Singstunde in Chapel over the past month, we have experienced these gifts in the form of inspiring music, in our Morning Star singers, through the sound of Silent Night in sign language, and in the shining lights of candles held high above us. For all of us who have been in the classrooms and hallways across the school, we have seen these gifts in the form of smiling faces, the pride of hard work, and in the piles of food and donations for those in need this holiday season. With their faces radiating curiosity and concentration, our students have shown us the many gifts they find in the learning process.

As we enter the darkest part of the winter season, our students have been our sources of light, hope, and inspiration. We also have a new way to appreciate these gifts. This past week we announced the Sound Innovators grant for student leadership, which is an opportunity for students to exercise their creative problem solving and community leadership skills. “Since 1742,” as our Mission states, “our tradition has encouraged sound innovations to meet the contemporary challenges while recognizing the permanence of basic human values.” The challenges today include a heightened need for civic discourse and for a belief that respectful disagreement can produce greater understanding. This is another way for our students to be the gifts of light and hope, as well as humor and creativity, that will shape how we address the contemporary challenges of our world.

You can find out more about the grant opportunity by reading the announcement HERE or by watching a segment from today’s MABC broadcast [below or via the following link:].

I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons as we finish one year and welcome in a new one!
Jeffrey M. Zemsky

MABC Interview - Sound Innovators Program

Merle Smith Campus

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