Changing with the Seasons

Change is the theme of this season, as we return from spring break and the Easter holiday to officially emerge from our various states of winter hibernation. This time of change is a welcome and rejuvenating one, but I’m also reminded that change, no matter how joyful, can bring with it at least a few moments of tandem discomfort. April’s warmer days allow us a change of wardrobe—the return of shorts!—and evening sunlight gives us time to sit outside after dinner or take the dog for a longer evening walk. Afternoons hold the potential of meeting up for ice cream with new friends and running at full strength down grassy hills. If we think hard enough, we may be able to remember from last year the minor aches of newly used muscles, or the tenderness of sunburned skin, or the slightly anxious twinges of making new friendships. One of the magics of spring is that it is new each time, though, and our brains can enjoy feeling in the moment, finding fresh experiences, and making new memories.

At Moravian, we mark this season of changing by being together. Spring, it seems, is a time to fill our calendars with school events! It was wonderful to kick off this season with an incredible Cirque du MA Auction, which certainly brought fun and imagination to the forefront as our entire community jumped into spring. As our athletic teams were entering their first contests on soft spring fields, and we were hosting another intriguing and sold out Upper School art and fashion show, we gathered across our three divisions and with Moravian College to celebrate the 275th anniversary of Countess Benigna’s “call for education.” On this occasion, we filled the air with our own calls to honor the teachers who have changed us. This was just the start though!

To look ahead is to see the amazing depth and breadth of the Moravian Academy experience. In the next several weeks, we will gather to read, proclaim, and discuss poetry in its many forms with this year’s writer-in-residence Clare E. Potter. We will learn about green energy, swarm robotics, storytelling, and fashion design as social innovation (as well as other topics) from Upper School students as they present the results of their Comenius projects, which will showcase the intellectual curiosity and quest to understand the world that Moravian nurtures. On April 22nd, our next Community Garden Day, we will lend our hands to open the Academy’s garden at the Merle-Smith Campus.

Our school will also ring in this spring with a series of music concerts and art events that will showcase the talents, dedication, and joy of our community. I hope you will join us for this very special series, which begins with the Middle and Upper School String Orchestra concert on May 3rd and concludes with the Middle School Choral and Handbell concert on May 23rd. The Lower School hosts a special Celebration of the Arts on May 16th with an art show and choral concert, the Middle School will perform an adaptation of the young adult novella "Coraline" on April 27th, and the Upper School theater department will delight and invigorate us with their ambitious and heady spring play, "Arcadia," by Tom Stoppard, on April 28th and 29th. 

Spring at Moravian means afternoons of sports and evenings of music. It means poetry to make us feel alive and plays to make us curious about the world. It means putting our hands in the dirt to plant seeds and then putting our hands together to clap and cheer for our friends, our children, and our students. At Moravian, this season of change is also a season of celebration for the gifts, the hard work, and the growth that our students work to create and achieve throughout the year. Ultimately, it is a reminder of how vibrant and vital our community is. Spring, and all the changes that come with it, reminds me that thoughtful, continual improvement is one of our community’s core traditions.

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus