Financial Aid Policy

Moravian Academy’s need-based financial aid is designed to assist families with children in Pre-K through Grade 12 who could not otherwise afford the whole cost of tuition. Financial aid decisions are made by the Financial Aid Committee and are separate from the decision of the Admissions Committee. An application for financial aid does not affect an applicant’s opportunity to be admitted to the school. 

In order to determine if your family qualifies for aid, you will need to complete an application form on the National Association of Independent Schools’ website. 
Once a student has been accepted for admission, aid is determined and renewed on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Decisions regarding the awarding of aid are made independently from admissions decisions, and in no way affect a candidate's chances for admission.
SELECTION: Need is the first and absolute requirement for financial aid once a student has been accepted at the Academy.
RENEWALS: All financial aid is awarded for one year. Renewals are subject to parents filing an annual Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) by the stated deadline and to students maintaining the academic and citizenship standards that are expected of all Moravian Academy students. Upon annual application, a student will continue to receive aid until graduation as long as his/her family continues to demonstrate a need for assistance.  
PRIORITIES: First consideration for budgeted dollars is given to renewal applicants who have completed all application requirements on time. Secondly, new applications from currently enrolled students are considered if completed on time. Thirdly, new applicants accepted by the Admissions Committee, who have completed financial aid applications and who demonstrate need, are selected for awards.  Finally, new and renewal applications completed after the specified deadlines are considered for any funds that may remain. Funds are not reserved for families whose Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) or tax forms are received late.
COMPUTATION: Moravian Academy subscribes to the principles and services of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), which provides us, at the request of parents, financial analysis based on the confidential statement of need called the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). Non-custodial parents are also expected to complete a copy of the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).  SSS reports provide a point of departure for the Moravian Academy Financial Aid Committee which is responsible for all financial aid decisions. The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) form should be sent to SSS by NAIS for processing so that it is received by Moravian Academy in time for priority consideration. Promptness in meeting deadlines is essential.
An application for financial aid is considered only after acceptance for the coming year has been offered by the school. Grants are not awarded or renewed unless the school accounts have been paid in full.
PARENTAL CONTRIBUTIONS: The school takes into consideration each parent's ability to contribute to his/her child's education. Please note: Non-custodial parents are also expected to complete a copy of the Parents’ Financial Statement and submit their tax returns for consideration.
EXTERNAL RESOURCES: Any financial support that may be available beyond the parents' own income and assets should be reported on the PFS for consideration by the school. Such support includes resources that might be expected from church funds, direct scholarship grants, etc. The Committee welcomes parents' explanations of these potential sources of help and correspondence with the Financial Aid Committee is encouraged.  The Committee takes into account every means of stretching the financial aid budget.
FINANCIAL AID GRANTS are direct gifts to the family on behalf of the student and there is no obligation to repay them.  However, students and families who can repay their grants, in whole or in part at a future date, enable Moravian Academy to award similar aid to future applicants.

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