National Bike Month

To celebrate we are holding a few challenges for the month with a few surprises for participants and winners.  Stop by the AWC to join in the fun!!

1. Wattbike Power Challenge - USA Cycling is running a similar challenge using a Wattbike looking for the next best American sprinter.  Come to the AWC to test your power output - can you hit the numbers USAC is looking for?  Stop by and find out!
2.  Keiser Cadence Challenge - Do you have leg speed?  Most speedy riders aim to roll over 200 cadence (leg turnover speed).  How quickly can you roll?
3.  Strava Distance Challenge - If short sprints are not for you and you prefer riding for distance (or perhaps you commute) you can record all of your rides (even indoors) using STRAVA.  Stop by and get set up to join the MA Bike Month Challenge!  
4.  Bike to School Friday, May 18th - National bike to work/school day is May 19th, but with prom on the 19th we're adjusting. Ride your bike to campus and stop by the AWC before first period for donuts/coffee/juice.  Need help finding a safe route?  Want to plan an alternative ride this day?  Stop by the AWC and let's plan it out!  Must sign up in advance at the AWC.