2020-21 Plan: Reopen, Stay Open

This page represents the essential information that Moravian Academy community members need to know for a successful and healthy school year during the Covid-19 pandemic. This page was last updated 10.16.20.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • You’re in isolation or school mandated quarantine, now what?

  • If a member of the community tests positive, how will we be notified?

     If a student or employee has a COVID-19 infection, School officials will support the Department of Health’s efforts for contact tracing and enforcing isolation and quarantining of those infected and their contacts. Provisions are already in place to support the continuity of learning from home during quarantine periods and for students choosing to remain at home. 

    If a person within your child’s cohort tests positive, we will notify you via email along with instructions regarding quarantine requirements, as applicable according to the Department of Health.
  • Am I entitled to know who tests positive for Covid-19?

    We will not publicly release the names of people who test positive. Families will be notified immediately if their student had close contact with anyone who is diagnosed with COVID-19. We will follow the guidance of the Bethlehem Health Bureau in making decisions to close classrooms or divisions, or to quarantine specific groups of students, faculty, or staff.
  • We need to get tested for COVID-19, where can we go?

    As a first step, you should call your primary care physician to receive their recommendation for testing. If testing is recommended, we suggest obtaining a Covid test through St. Luke’s University Health Network. Call the St. Luke’s Hotline at 1-866-STLUKES (1-866-785-8537). Press option 7 to be evaluated over the phone by a trained nursing professional to see if further evaluation or testing is indicated. Alert the nursing professional regarding your association with MA.
  • What states require a 14-day quarantine post-travel?

    For the most updated list of states that require quarantine post-travel, please visit the PA department of health website.
  • Can I test out of quarantine post-travel or following close contact with a positive case?

    No, the CDC does not allow individuals to “test out” of quarantine.
  • If one child is quarantined, should I keep my other child home?

    As per CDC guidelines, if only one child is a close contact of a positive case, other children in the home may attend school (they would be considered contacts of potential contacts). That being said, as a family you may choose to keep all children at home while one child is being quarantined. This is a perfectly acceptable choice, and all children will be able to attend remote classes during this quarantine period.
  • Will your recommendations be vetted by public health experts?

    Absolutely! We have entered into a partnership with St. Luke’s University Health Network, they will be reviewing all aspects of our Health & Safety Plan, as well as providing guidance for athletics, music/arts, chapel, dining, transportation, co-curricular programming, faculty/staff training,  ventilation, etc. This partnership gives us access to St. Luke’s engineers, environmental health & safety experts, and infectious disease physicians. We are thrilled to have entered this partnership which will allow us to open our campuses with confidence.
  • If our student needs to begin the academic year remotely, are we locked into that choice for the duration of the year?

    No! Your decisions regarding the mode of instruction can be fluid, based on the circumstances of your particular family and the broader local and state community. We are happy to work with families who need to move between remote and in-person instruction.
  • Will masks be worn at all times?

    Students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times. They will have the opportunity to remove their masks at lunch and during designated “mask breaks”.
  • Can I choose the mask our child wears?

    Yes. Families should consider masks as part of the uniform/dress code. We are working to include new MA-branded masks as part of the uniform that families can feel free to purchase. We also realize many families and employees have grown accustomed to their own personal face masks. While our masks will be available for students and employees (we have ordered 1,500), we certainly encourage you to send your student to school with their own preferred face covering.

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