Programs will run for three days, beginning Monday, December 19 - Wednesday, December 21. Explorations will run from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm on the Downtown Campus. Students will need to pack their lunch. Extended care will be available for an additional fee from 7:30 to 9:00 am and from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.

Early Learners Winter Wonderland

Instructor: Christal Harding
Grade level(s): PS, PK, and K
Come and join Swain Campus PK teacher Christal Harding as your early learners will create a winter wonderland through the magic of storytelling and writing, creative craft making, and even baking special treats! Our popular early Learner summer program takes on the winter for three enchanting, project-filled magical days!  

La Magia de Español

Instructor: Sra. Molly Cook
Grade level(s):K- 2nd Grade
Students will participate in games, art projects, and science activities in Spanish based around the Harry Potter books. Students will be sorted into houses and will work together to win La Copa de las Casas (The House Cup)at the end of the program.

Spanish immersion fun 

Instructor: Marc Yerrington
Grade level(s): K-5 SIP 
Come learn, play and converse in Spanish! We will have some fun crafts, stories and conversational games in this program. All are welcome, but please note: *It will run completely in Spanish and is geared toward students enrolled in SIP. 

Dance camp 

Instructor: Kellsey Egner
Grade level(s): 1st-4th
Students will become familiar with the vocabulary and movement of ballet, jazz, and modern in the morning and choreograph and learn a combination piece in the afternoon. 

Camp Marshmallow - FULL

Instructor: Domenic DiMenichi
Grade level(s): 1st-5th
Have you ever gone to summer camp?  Well, Camp Marshmallow is like summer camp, but during the winter.  Daily activities include games, cookie baking and decorating, a fun craft, a science STEM Challenge, a daily mini-field trip, song singing, and movie time, complete with popcorn and smores! Come for a fun camp experience!
Each day will be a themed dress-up day: Monday: Pajama Day; Tuesday: sports team day; Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday(wear mixed-up clothes, have wacky hair, and so on)


Name: Brad Pomeroy
Grade level(s): 1st-5th
Let your child take to the skies with three full days of aerial adventure. From paper airplane challenges, foam board scratch builds, tumbling gliders, flight simulators, and more, your child will engage in the science of flight through a series of design challenges and builds. Principles of flight and imagination combine to create a memorable, fun, and exciting engineering experience.

Winter Crafting, Cooking, and Games

Instructor:  Emily Quinn, Middle School French Teacher and Katie MacMillan, Middle School Spanish Teacher
Grade level(s): 1st-6th
Learn to make food and crafts, play games, sing songs, hear stories, (and more) to celebrate winter traditions from near and far.  Students will be expected to bring a lunch and winter-appropriate outerwear for recess.

Sustainability & Service: Make Holiday Gifts for Shelter Pets

Instructor: Valarie Kuehner
Grade level(s): 3rd-8th
Weave mats, bake treats, and make animals happy! Students will practice sustainability, math, and presentation skills to make the holidays a little brighter for shelter pets. Come ready to craft with an old T-shirt and a can-do attitude!


Instructor: Jeff Seibert
Grade level(s): Grades 3rd-5th
In this volleyball program, we will be practicing different volleyball skills. We will also be participating in different drills and gameplay in order to grow our knowledge and skills of the game. We will not only be practicing volleyball but also understanding what it means to be competitive while also being a good sport. I hope that you can join us!

Dissections, Extractions, and Microscopes

Instructor:  Tarik Haddad
Grade level(s): 4th-8th
Have you ever wondered what living things are made of and look like on the inside? In this program, students will partake in a variety of rare biology labs to investigate life in its purest forms. Students will dissect different phyla of organisms such as worms, insects, fish, and even a frog! Students will also learn how to extract the DNA from some organisms and study its double-helix nature. Additionally, students will use microscopes to observe life on a cellular level by making their own samples from the specimens in the lab. Get your lab coats ready!

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