Parents are invited to join the Global Awareness Committee to help organize International Festival for All Families.
The Global Awareness Committee (GAC) is an all-school committee that assists our community in exploring different cultures and developing new conversations which in turn helps our children to become inquisitive global citizens. 

Each year we organize a special event for our families: the International Festival for All Families (IFF). Not only is this a terrific social event where families can connect, it's also an opportunity to indulge in food and activities that represent the rich diversity of our school community.  

Additionally, and in support of IFF,  every year for the Country Fair, Moravian families put together gift baskets representing various nations that they have a special connection to or that are specific to their heritage. These baskets are raffled off at the fair in October.  Even if you are not a part of the committee you are most welcome to create a basket.

If you are interested in volunteering on GAC or simply want to attend to hear about the potential programming we have for the upcoming year, then please join Fatima Jaffer (Chair), Kelli Greene (Co-Chair), and Karen Washington (MA Director of Community and Inclusion) for an upcoming meeting on Zoom. The date is forthcoming.

Baskets for Country Fair

The Global Awareness Committee (GAC) will be having their nation basket raffle at the Country Fair on Oct 23 this year. We are asking volunteers to make a basket that represents their heritage, origin, a nation/country you or your family has a special attachment to, or simply a country that's on your bucket list to visit.
You can drop off your basket wrapped or unwrapped at 7 East Market Street or bring the basket directly to the Fair by 9:00 am. We can also make arrangements to pick it up as well but please no perishable items in the basket and no alcohol.

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