Create, Appreciate & Discover Art

The Moravian Academy’s Lower School visual arts program guides students in kindergarten through fifth grade to use their creativity, while developing skills in critical thinking and problem solving to create beautiful works of art. With each projected that is completed a student builds self-confidence and earns a sense of accomplishment.

When creating art, students are encouraged to take inspiration from artists, multi-cultural explorations, inter-curricular connections, their unique imaginative spirit, and the world at large. Students' artistic visions are realized utilizing the principles of design and practice with a variety of artistic mediums.

Our students try a wide variety of art making mediums including: painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, ceramics, plaster, paper mache, sewing, mixed media, recycled materials, and computers. By gaining proficiency in each medium, students have an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and an appreciation for craftsmanship.

We celebrate the culmination of each year in our visual arts program with a student art exhibition presented on our Church Street Campus. Artwork from every student in kindergarten through fifth grade is displayed, alongside a number of collaborative works of art and animation projects in this impressive exhibit.

Art Curriculum By Grade

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  • Kindergarten

    Students in kindergarten focus on projects that introduce a wide variety of art-making techniques that allow them to develop fine motor skills, embrace their imaginative nature, and gain a deeper appreciation for the role art has in their lives and the world around them. In addition, kindergarten students are introduced to the elements of design including line, shape, and color. Their projects emphasize the proper way to use a variety of artistic medium and art room etiquette.
  • First Grade

    In first grade, students continue to work with new and exciting artistic mediums that allow them to experiment with a variety of expressive styles and techniques. First graders also begin focusing on art appreciation, pulling inspiration and building a foundation in art through a study of both historical and contemporary artists. Students begin applying the elements of design to their own work, and identifying them in famous artists' work.
  • Second Grade

    Students in second grade focus on projects that introduce new art-making techniques and concepts, as well as delve deeper into previously presented ideas. Students are challenged to attain a higher level of craftsmanship, while creating artwork that embraces their creativity and personality. Second graders apply elements of design as they are introduced to design principles including pattern, unity, and movement. An exciting unit on Japanese art is a focus in the second grade curriculum, which is done in collaboration with their homeroom studies.
  • Third Grade

    In third grade, students begin creating more detail-oriented projects that encourage planning and a careful step-by-step use of the design process. Students are challenged to pull inspiration from the professional art realm, as well as the world around them to create original ideas that integrate the elements and principles of design into well thought-out, carefully-designed imagery.
  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth grade is an exciting year in our art program, when form and space become a central theme. Students create a variety of two- and three-dimensional projects that integrate both new and previously introduced artistic mediums. Fourth grade students are challenged to use critical thinking and creativity to problem solve while creating their unique works of art. They have the opportunity to apply their artistic knowledge and imaginative inspiration into well-designed projects built over the course of several classes.
  • Fifth Grade

    Students in fifth grade focus on intensive projects that require more time and planning than in previous grades. They are exposed to new, as well as delve deeper into previously presented, art-making techniques and artistic concepts. Fifth grade incorporates a focus on design process and collaboration. Students are expected to show careful craftsmanship, while creating artwork that encourages them to express their creative individuality, and gain a deeper appreciation for the role art has in their lives and the world at large.

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