MAMA's Film Fest 2018

Lights. Camera. Action. On Friday, April 20th the Middle School gathered to in the cafetorium to view films submitted by sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students for the 8th Annual MAMA Film Fest.  Twenty-five films were submitted featuring a variety of topics from next year's 3:00 Thursday dismissal to a snowboarding montage to now extinct vines. Three films cover a topic that is very important to our middle school students, their keycards...or lack thereof. We hope you enjoy the films as much as we did.

We are so proud of the amazing student talent on display!

    • Opening Trailer

    • 2:15

    • Guarded

    • News Report

    • Snowboarding

    • The Conference Room

    • The Showdown

    • Water

    • Boston, MA

    • I Do Adore

    • No Keycard

    • Sunset Lover

    • The Gum Trade

    • The Wolf Meme

    • Dream

    • Keycards

    • Resolutions

    • Sushi By...

    • The Keycard

    • Titanic

    • Drone

    • My Day

    • Sabotage

    • Tasty Carrot

    • The Magic Jolly Rancher

    • Vines

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Downtown Campus