Thank you for joining us for our 277th birthday!

Alumni and friends from around the world came together to Salute Moravian and Say Hello on May 2 and 3, 2019 in recognition of our 277th birthday.  Gatherings were held in several locations across the country and in London, United Kingdom!  Attendees were also connecting with one another via phone, text and FaceTime calls. 
Special thanks to our event hosts:
  • Shelby Asen-Candrea ’06, King of Prussia, PA
  • Alexander Battisti ’14, New York, NY
  • Alison Bujnowski ’02, New York, NY
  • Luisa Dodds ’09, London, UK
  • Allison Duckloe ’09, Boston, MA
  • Greg Duckloe ’09, London, UK
  • Mary Ann Groner ’74, Hollywood, CA
  • Neil Johnson ’73, Hollywood, CA
  • Dana Popkave ’01, Boston, MA
  • Jill Schwartz ’93, Washington, DC
  • Karley Biggs Sebia ’00, Bethlehem, PA
  • Nick Tagliavia ’00, King of Prussia, PA

In addition to these live celebrations, photo and video greetings were posted on social media throughout the two-day period.  
It certainly was a special time to celebrate Moravian Academy and each other!

SMASH 2019

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus