A Tradition of Excellence. A Culture of Curiosity.

From across the Lehigh Valley and beyond, those who want education to be inspiring—and even life-changing—find their way to Moravian Academy. They are drawn by our legacy of Moravian traditions, which teach us to engage in the world, to invest ourselves in hard work and continual improvement, and to tend to mind, body, and spirit for the service of a greater good. 

Our students also know that they are preparing for a world full of contemporary challenges, and they are inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. Collaborating in classes designed to be small, and with the help of dedicated faculty members, our students learn to be creative and critical thinkers. Through innovative programs such as Spanish Immersionglobal exchangesrobotics, and a music program that spans from three years old to Grade 12. Moravian students are learning to understand the complex world of today so that they can lead and influence the world of tomorrow.

"I think the main reason Moravian is so special is that it's in an environment where the teachers really do care about you, you're not just a number, and they really help you get to your goals. I feel like there's no other place that can help you become what you want to be."

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus