2020-21 Plan: Reopen, Stay Open

Dear Moravian Academy Community,
We are looking forward to seeing our students back on campus this fall! 
The plan to your right describes how we are preparing to reopen safely to start the academic year on August 25, which is our top priority. We see that students do their best work when they are immersed in the Moravian Academy environment, where there are high expectations for every student, and teachers and classmates work alongside each other every day. This summer, in accordance with expert health guidance about Covid-19 and operating schools, we will be preparing campus for a school year that will need to look different than what we have previously known. 
There is still a lot we do not know, starting with how conditions may change in the future. This plan also provides an overview of how Moravian Academy is preparing to stay open, as those conditions may change, so that you can prepare alongside us. We do not know when a vaccine will be readily available or how Pennsylvania will decide what is permitted for schools. There is still more to know about how to maximize health and wellness conditions as much as possible in schools. We want to know more about the relative impacts on different ages. We are preparing for these unknowns by developing a variety of teaching and learning options. We are also investing in additional professional development for our faculty and staff to reduce disruptions to learning under different situations, including in-class, hybrid, and remote learning. 
We do know that learning does not come to a stop, and neither does Moravian Academy. When we learn more, we will update you about the primary plan as well as the associated contingencies. As we have throughout this pandemic, we will remain committed to making informed decisions based on the best available data, maintaining the vibrant Moravian Academy community, and always focusing on the educational needs of our students.
Jeff Zemsky
Head of School

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus