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Student Wellness

Student-Centered Problem-Solving

Creating support strategies to meet the academic, social,
emotional and physical needs of our community.
The Student Support Team (SST) is a student-centered problem-solving team that creates support strategies to meet the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of our students, teachers, and community so that they thrive in mind, body, and spirit. This team meets regularly to review and determine how best to support students, including those with academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and/or medical challenges. 

Social Emotional Wellness

Four full-time counselors are available to our students, and their families, for short-term, solution-focused counseling and support. Our counselors routinely consult with teachers, advisors, learning specialists, grade deans, and other members of the academic programming team to ensure active, appropriate support is being provided to students. Our counselors are also a primary resource for faculty and staff in the areas of classroom management, advisory programming, mindfulness in the classroom, and more. Families will find a host of social-emotional resources provided by our counselors on the myMA Resource Board.
Jackie Econompolous
Downtown & Swain Campus School Counselor
David Hunt, Psy.D.
Downtown Campus School Counselor
Helene Perucci-Kinsman
Swain Campus School Counselor

Lindsay Lee
Merle-Smith Campus School Counselor


Moravian Academy seeks to celebrate the unique potential of each individual student as they navigate their intellectual journey. 

Each classroom environment is designed to prepare all students for success through a combination of various learning structures, hands-on learning, and individualized support plans as needed. 

For those students who may need additional support, we provide small group and individual support through academic skill development, coaching, and enrichment. 

A team approach is taken for support at Moravian Academy. Learning Specialists routinely communicate with faculty to support the learning environment for all students by providing instructional resources and professional development. Communicating with families regarding their child’s educational plan is also essential in our commitment to partnership.

Students requiring new or updated psycho-educational evaluations are referred to a network of consulting community school psychologists. Moravian also partners closely with the Colonial Intermediate Unit and the Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit to provide additional services for qualifying students.
Dr. Armistead Webster
Associate Head of School, Title IX Coordinator
Morgan Nordmeyer
Downtown Campus Coordinator of Learning Services
Melissa LaRusso
Swain Campus Director of Learning Support
Erica Coverley
Merle-Smith Campus Coordinator of Learning Services


Toni Woods Maignan
Downtown Campus School Nurse

Dana Brndjar
Swain Campus School Nurse
Coleen Kenyon
Merle-Smith Campus School Nurse

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