The early Moravians who founded our school viewed education as a sacred responsibility. They were guided by the wisdom of John Amos Comenius, a Moravian bishop who lived in 17th century Europe and is known as the Father of Modern Education. Comenius envisioned an education in which all would participate and an education that would allow each individual to develop fully in mind, body, and spirit. 
“The proper education of the young does not consist in stuffing their heads with a mass of words, sentences, and ideas dragged together out of various authors, but in opening up their understanding to the outer world, so that a living stream may flow from their own minds, just as leaves, flowers, and fruit spring from the bud on a tree.”  — Comenius, 1649

An Education for the 21st Century

At Moravian Academy, we've built on the foundation given to us by Comenius and created an education for the 21st Century that will prepare our students to thrive in a changing world. The educational pillars highlighted below represent some of the most distinctive ways in which we nurture the strengths we see as essential. 

Meeting Complex, Open-Ended Challenges
Students engage in project-based learning, group projects, and independent studies to discover how to work both independently and collaboratively to understand complex problems and shape solutions. 

Communicating Skillfully in Varied Media
The power to express ideas clearly and persuasively ranks among the most valuable of skills. At Moravian Academy, we build the ability in writing and public speaking as well as with iMovies and PowerPoints, multimedia websites, and live TV broadcasts - developing a complete portfolio of communications tools. 

Developing Cultural Insight and Global Perspective
Tomorrow's graduates will make their way in an increasingly interconnected world. They will leave Moravian Academy well prepared, equipped with fluency in world languages and empowered through encounters with many cultures. 

Growing in Character and Leadership
We seek to develop character and build leadership skills by inspiring and supporting our students, building a solid foundation through hands-on learning experiences, innovation, and a global perspective upon which a lifelong love of learning can grow. We guide our students through a process of growth, embracing shared ideals and striving every day to put these ideals into action.

Headmaster & School Directors

List of 4 members.

  • Jeffrey Zemsky 

    Carleton College - B.A.
    Columbia University Teachers College - M.A.
  • Dylan Deal 

    Upper School Director
    Davidson College - B.A.
    University of Pennsylvania - M.Ed.
  • John Donecker 

    Middle School Director
    Bucknell University - B.A.
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania - M.Ed.
  • Susan Parent 

    Lower School Director
    University of Wisconsin - B.S.
    Hunter College - M.A.

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