Virtual School at the Middle School

I continue to be proud of our school, our students, our faculty, and our parents for collectively helping all of us keep the learning going. Let’s continue to look for the small wins each day. Small wins add up to one large win, which will be completing another year of schooling at Moravian Academy. 
On Monday, April 20 we will take the next step of our virtual school journey together and begin Phase 3. I’d like to highlight a few middle school-specific items for you here today. You can either watch the video recording below or scroll down to read the updates. 

Items that will remain the same from Phase 2 to Phase 3:
  • The Daily Academic Schedule
    • Two classes in the morning
    • Wellness time mid-day
    • Two classes in the afternoon
  • Homework may be assigned and will be posted to myMA
  • curioSity day (S Day)
  • Taking attendance - we will continue to take attendance once per day
  • Faculty hours will remain 8:00 am - 4:30 pm; No emails will be sent after 4:30 pm
Items that will change in Phase 3:
  • One Required AM Advisory Session - 8:45
  • Grading
    • While teachers were providing feedback throughout all the first two phases, the Middle School will now begin assigning letter grades to student work.
    • Despite being in a virtual setting, students need accurate feedback and assessment of their own understanding of concepts and skill development.
    • We completed two trimesters in our usual format and our last trimester will be in virtual school. Please know each student’s grades from the first two trimesters will count and will be calculated as a part of their year-end grade.
    • We will have a separate grade for virtual school, which will be indicated on the year-end report cards that will be available on myMA in June.
    • To calculate the year-end grade, we will average the first two trimester grades. We plan to only average in the virtual school grade if it helps the student. If the virtual school grade lowers a student’s standing for the school year, it will not be included. 
  • Narrative Comments
    • Feedback is key for growth and development.
    • Individual narrative comments from each teacher will be moved from the mid-trimester to the end of the trimester. Instead of receiving this feedback in late April via progress reports, you will instead see these comments included on the third-trimester report card in early June. 
    • In the meantime, you can expect to hear informally from teachers over email or the phone.
Thank you for your continued work at home and your partnership. It is truly appreciated. The home-school partnership is always important, and now more than ever before.

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus