Student Support

Moravian Academy cares about the mind, body, and spirit of each student; we support students as they navigate the complex terrain of adolescence. Our goal is to provide students with an extensive network of support to aid them as they face challenges both in and out of school. We help them to find the balance that will allow them to thrive in all aspects of life and to embrace their futures with a sense of confidence.
The Student Support Team consists of the following team members:
All-School Psychologist
The All-School Psychologist works closely with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to support students’ learning, social-emotional and behavioral needs, and to promote their strengths and resiliency. She consults with teachers, administrators, and parents and serves as a member of the Student Support Teams at the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. 

An integral aspect of her role is individual and group assessment. She coordinates and interprets grade-level standardized testing from pre-kindergarten to ninth grade. In an effort to determine student learning styles and recommend appropriate strategies, interventions, and accommodations, she reviews admissions files, conducts classroom observations, interprets testing results from outside sources, and when needed conducts psycho-educational assessments. 

Brief solution-focused counseling and crisis intervention are also essential to her role. She meets with students as needed and makes referrals for outside counseling when regular therapeutic support is required. She serves as a liaison between the school and outside psychologists, therapists, and educational consultants.

Dean of Students
The Upper School Dean of Students is charged with many aspects of student life. He supervises the disciplinary system, but also oversees the Advisory Program, clubs and activities, Student Government, volunteer opportunities, and service learning. In this role, he works to create leadership opportunities for students and shapes most non-academic aspects of a student’s school experience.
Learning Specialist
The Learning Specialist is available to students to help with study strategies. Some of the topics covered include: test-taking skills, note-taking skills, textbook reading, active study habits, time management, learning styles, brain dominance, listening skills, memory strategies, concentration techniques, and stress management techniques. Students can be seen individually or in a small group setting. 

School Nurse
Our nurse oversees school health policies and programs, provides expertise and oversight for the provision of school health services, and promotes health education. The nurse also provides health care to students and staff, performs health screenings, and coordinates referrals to the child's home or their private health care provider. She also serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, the community, and health care providers to advocate for health care and a healthy school environment. Finally, the Upper School nurse serves as the coordinator for student-specific Concussion Management Teams and is a member of the Student Support Team, participating in classroom education regarding women’s reproductive health and CPR.
Freshman Seminar/Transition
Freshman Seminar is a required weekly workshop that offers ninth graders important skills for high school success. This is an academically-based course that provides students instruction in study skills, organization strategies, goal setting, and time management. Transition Coordinators introduce the class to the culture of the Moravian Academy’s Upper School, focusing on the traditions, activities, and services available. Freshman work on high school planning, discuss service and academic exploration, and become an active part of the Upper School community.

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