Gaining a Global Perspective

Moravian Academy has two global exchanges to Guatemala and France. Our reciprocal global exchanges allow all members of our community the opportunity to cultivate global perspectives. Students participating in the reciprocal exchanges have the opportunity to host and go to the various countries. We will also have two cultural trips in 2017-18 to England and China. These trips will be ten days to two weeks but will not have an exchange component. 

Guatemalan Exchange 
Students may participate in the Guatemalan Exchange this summer. Students would go to Guatemala in June. They would live with a host family and attend a private school in Guatemala City with the Faces and Our Cultures Program. Students may host a Guatemalan student in October.
France Exchange
Notre-Dame/St Sigisbert School is a private school in Nancy, France. We will participate in a short exchange with Notre-Dame/St Sigisbert in the spring. Students will travel to France during our spring break and will also host students from Notre-Dame/St. Sigisbert at Moravian Academy in the spring as well. 

England Cultural Trip
We are excited to offer this new opportunity to explore England through the lens of Shakespeare. Moravian Academy will partner with WorldStrides for this cultural trip. A couple highlights of the trip will include a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Theatre, and an excursion to Stratford.

China Cultural Trip
In June, Moravian Academy is excited to announce our 2nd trip to China with The Dragon Trip. The itinerary goal of the trip will be cultural exchange and exploration. Highlights of the trip will include Shanghai, Hangzhou, Moganshan, Guiyang and Hong Kong. 

To view our 2017-18 Global Studies brochure, click HERE.

Summer Immersion: Indore, India

"During my summer immersion in Indore, India, I encountered a sensory explosion of colors, scents, sounds, and images that I would like to share. The crowds, hustle, and bustle that surrounded me made an indelible impression. The richness and diversity of Indian culture has had an impact across the globe, in exoticism, cuisine, design, and culture. The people and their warm hospitality fascinated me. New friendships were quickly solidified and welcomed to an open-minded young foreigner coming in their country to partake in their culture. The melodic Hindi language became my own. The myriad cuisines of India are so different from those back home. From colorful, mouth-watering spices to delicate sweets that make your tongue tingle, giving you a sugar rush. The foods I tasted allowed me to have a glimpse of veritable Indian culture. Chappan, the Holy Grail for foodies on a trek, was my personal favorite. Throughout the day until nightfall, the continuous road lined with fifty-six shops would be filled with people wandering from food stand to food stand. I invite you to partake in some of the special moments of my journey." -Devika

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