List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q What is the most important factor that is considered when making a decision to admit or deny a student?

    The decision is not based on a single factor. The Upper School Admissions Committee reviews current grades and achievement, standardized test results, teacher recommendations, and an interview. If any one of these factors has an edge, it would be the level of academic performance in current classes.
  • Q What is the size of a typical class?

    Average classes range in size between 12 and 18 students in a section.
  • Q What Advanced Placement and Honors classes are offered?

    Advanced Placement Courses Honors Courses
    Calculus AB; Calculus BC Geometry
    Statistics Pre-Calculus
    United States History Linear Algebra
    European History Modern China History
    Biology Chemistry
    Chemistry Advanced Physics
    Environmental Science
    English Literature
    English Language
    French Language
    Spanish Language
    Chinese Language
  • Q How is student progress monitored and communicated to the parent?

    Reports from the school occur twice each marking period for a total of eight times during the school year, with a written commentary at mid-quarter and grades at the end of the quarter. If classroom teachers see major problems between these reports, they contact the parents. Parents may contact the school at any time if they have any concerns.
  • Q Are uniforms required?

    Uniforms are not required. However, the Upper School does have a dress code. Boys are required to wear dress shirts and ties or turtlenecks. Girls may wear dresses, sweaters and skirts, or slacks. Neither jeans nor t-shirts are permitted in standard dress code.
  • Q What are the religion requirements at the Upper School?

    There is a weekly chapel service, which is non-denominational in nature and is not doctrinally based. Students participate in the preparation of these services. In addition, seniors are required to complete a semester course in Comparative World Religions or Ethics.
  • Q What colleges and universities have graduates attended?

    Our students are always guided toward attending the college or university that best fits their academic and personal goals. For a complete matriculation list from the last five years, click HERE.

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